Saturday, August 11, 2012

Battle Katelyn

All before ten in the morning:

I made pancakes. Katelyn had a coughing fit and threw up her pancakes and bright red crystal light all over my nice clean sheets.

Katelyn and Olivia had a bath. While drying off Olivia, Katelyn went into the living room, squatted down and peed a nice circlular pattern in the carpet we had professionally cleaned last night.

Exasperated, Mommy took a break and had the gumption to go use the restroom herself. In the meantime, Katelyn got the syrup from the pancakes and poured a plate full for herself, poured it in pretty patterns all over the little table and her nice clean shirt and legs, and then dug in with both hands.


I'd like to collect my 401k and retire, please.

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Ducksoup said...

"i'd like to collect my 401k and retire, please" is probably the best quote on motherhood i'ver evere heard. i wish i was as smart as you to come up with something so clever. sounds like katelyn is quite the mess maker :). i feel for yah!