Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catch-Up Ball

 Just a little catch-up ball...
Olivia's first day of school! She was so excited. She picked her outfit herself. You can see Kate was already feeling the pinch.
 Walking into school -- not even a bit of nerves! March, march, march.
 Alright, Mom... my allowed picture before she got right to work practicing her name. Go, Olivia, go!
 And now, The Happiest Place On Earth! Let me just say, I am such a superstar to ride those darn tea-cups. The Double B always manages to avoid it. But the kids were thrilled. Olivia kept wanting us to spin "faster, faster!" Until "I think I'm getting sick!" Hilarious. And deeply true.
 K.J. driving Autopia... crazy driver. He LOVES that ride.
 Walt and the fam.
 Alright... the most darling thing ever. We waited an hour to meet the princesses, and it was all we dreamed of and more. She was squeezing Ariel SO TIGHT. She really loves Ariel. She was hoping to curtsy to her and say "Hello, your Majesty." But she was too nervous. Ariel did tell her Olivia looked like a really good swimmer and maybe they could swim together. Dream come true.
 Look at her face -- so adoring! Aurora was teaching her how to pose like a princess.
And finally... the new princess slippers. We looked all day for just the right thing, and these won by a landslide. She put them on right away, and has been prancing around ever since.

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