Monday, August 20, 2012

From My Organ That Pumps Blood

So many happy experiences in my life!
I am so grateful for them!!!

Friday was the Double B's birthday -- and I've had my mind at work for quite some time about it. Thursday night we went out to dinner with all the parents to kick off Birthday Weekend, and then we gave Daddy all the treats Olivia and Katelyn had picked out for him (Kaje was a little miffed he missed the treat picking, but he had school -- that's the breaks). I told everyone they had to go to bed early since we were waking up VERY early in the morning -- and of course, they got into their beds early, but went to bed much later. Thankfully, I had the help of little birthday elves to help me pull off my plans -- Mariah, Jon and Trina, and my parents -- they watched Katelyn for us.

I woke up at 3:50, got the car loaded, and woke up my honey to let him know we were going to DISNEYLAND (and the crowd goes wild!!!)! We got the kids loaded and were on our way by 4:25. The kids were so happy when Daddy broke the news! And we spent a truly hot, truly exhausting, truly wonderful day in The Happiest Place On Earth. We got home Saturday afternoon and everyone collapsed for a few hours of much needed nappiness, and then we opened presents.
It was a great weekend. I'll share pictures, hopefully tomorrow. You all know I'm not technologically savvy enough to work this machine by myself (and yes, I'm almost thirty years old).

Yesterday afternoon I was being all crafty (pintrest has changed my very existence this way -- I've created FOUR things now -- count that, FOUR!!! This from the girl who can barely tie her own shoes) while sitting on the couch with my hot glue gun (my favorite toy ever now -- again, let's all spend a moment of silence in the name of pintrest). I was watching National Geographic specials on the Vatican and Mecca. So beautiful. It showed Catholic Bishops in the ceremony turning them into Cardinals in St. Peter's Basilica -- at one point they prostrate themselves on the ground in prayer, their faces pressed into their prayer hands and their robes spread around them -- it was about the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I cried, in fact, as the Pope laid his hands upon their heads to bless them. The Muslims devotion and sacrifice to make their pilgrimage to Mecca was inspiring.
I find faith so beautiful. 
Seems like I've been talking a lot about faith lately, but I think a healthy dialogue would be beneficial to us all. And this is what I would like to say: You don't have to believe the same thing that I do. There is room for all kinds of belief systems in this world. My personal feeling is that it is so pleasing to God if you try to serve Him and those around you, no matter what faith you are. I think most people believe that. I believe you will be blessed for doing your best and doing what you honestly believe is right. I believe there is no room for hateful words about another persons faith --there is only room for respectful words and attitude towards their devotion to what they think is right -- even if it deviates from your own.
I think it's time to let go of the anger we might feel for our own individual reasons, and to allow ourselves to feel love in our hearts and admiration and respect in our minds for the beautiful things people are doing around them and inside of themselves because of that all-encompassing word: Faith.
It is such an incredibly beautiful thing.
I find myself so inspired by it.

On another subject -- sort of the cousin of this one, really:
When I was released as Young Women's President, I had several women who had held that position put their arms around me and tell me it would take six months to heal from that wound. It has been four months. I am hoping they are right. It has been a very painful and solitary experience. Those girls are so amazing and you miss your association with them and the strength they bring with them so much. It is such an all-encompassing love. Slowly but surely, I have felt the Lord make me stronger. Now it is not constant, just a few times a day that I feel that terrible sadness. And I have two months left, until I hope those ladies were right and the healing is complete!
Isn't it funny? But I am glad to know I gave absolutely everything I had to them. I know I did my very best -- and I know the Lord will always make up for the rest. There's a lot of joy in that.
And now the Double B gets to serve with the Young Men! He is so excited. And I am down-right thrilled that he gets to have that experience. He will be so stinkin' awesome. And they will be awesome for him. They always give more then they take.

So that's us in a nutshell. You don't have to be my friend, but I'm sure glad you are.
Here's hoping you have the best day ever!


Elise said...


I hate you.

And yet I love you.

That is so awesome. And for so many reasons, not the least of which is that the recession must truly be over. Everyone's going to Disneyland without me.

Happy birthday to your spouseman. Remind him of how lucky he is to have such a rad wife. :)

Ducksoup said...

seriously - - you just up and went to disneyland. this is cool. i don't even ever surprise ry with dinner plans let alone a trip to the happiest place on earth. you are cool. ryan's birthday is march 17th (st patty's day) please plan something awesome for him and i'll give you something :).