Wednesday, August 15, 2012

K.J.'s First Day

First day of school for K.J. McAllistor McGoo.
I don't know who came up with school, but what a rotten idea.
Learning? Ha! Who needs it!
This Mom proposes that school be abolished, and instead lazy summer days of playing and projects and movies and nintendo take back what is rightfully theirs.
I love you, K.J.
Until next May... enjoy your trip through the public school system.
Just kidding... I think. He was so excited and really felt angst over what shirt to wear first... and I think he made the right choice. Walked him up to his classroom, and felt proud that I was being so tough. Opened the door, he walked in, the teacher asked who he was and welcomed him, and I closed the door and headed off, alone once more in the shuf-shuf-shuffle of loneliness.
The Double B just doesn't get it. He laughed at me on his way to work, which is good, or I would have flung myself onto the bed and that would have been it.
But you Mom's get it.

Happy Third Grade, Kaje-Meister!
You're gonna rule the school!


Elise said...


Elise said...

What I wrote: W

Interpretation: "WORST DAY OF THE YEAR."


Ducksoup said...

makes me glad i'm not the only one that can hardly handle this school thing. k.j. looks awesome though.