Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liv's First Day!

Well, Olivia belongs to the public school system now.
She is a Kindergarten Champion!
She was up and at 'em this morning, dressed, shoes on, and her backpack around her back before I even got out of the shower. It was the longest wait until school started! She did allow me to do her hair, but complained because I was taking "such a long time." I was just happy we got through it without any tears!

As we got into the car, I asked her if she was nervous at all. She threw her arms out and exclaimed "No! I'm just SO EXCIIIIIIIIITTTTTEEED!" And she was. She marched into that school with absolutely no problem. Found her desk, allowed me to take a picture, and got to work drawing her name. She didn't even look back at me as I left.

And I'm excited for her. I would so much rather she shoo me out the door then be nervous at all.

I don't know who was more devestated by this turn of events, me or Katelyn. She'd climbed right up on the chair next to her sister, ready to go to school, too. I had to drag her away, crying and reaching and pointing for "Ya-Ya! Ya-Ya!" Which is, of course, her way of saying Olivia. I don't think she knew why we were actually leaving her big sister and play-mate in that strange place, but she definitely didn't like it. Which was exactly Olivia's reaction when it was K.J.'s turn three years ago. They just love and depend on their big friend so much. So it was super sweet and super sad. I tried to reassure her, but that didn't help at all. Once we started driving away, she totally lost it, and sobbed for "Ya-Ya!" all the way home. Poor Katee. It's gonna be a different experience just the two of us.

So, Olivia the Great is on her way. I am excited for her. I'll miss her company these few hours while she's gone, because she's just such great company, but thank heavens they give us Kindergarten to adjust to the new way things are going to be. Pictures tonight!
Good luck, Olivia!

I just love being a Mom!


Ducksoup said...

marie i can tell from this post you are much tougher than i will be. did you do morning or afternoon? i have been having the biggest internal debate about am or pm K. we requested am and we got am but part of me says pm means naptime for maci and alone time for mom. maybe i should say it means one on one time with maci and one on one time with braden. but then i think maci should be awake when her playmate is home. and his cousin got into pm. and who really wants to wake up at 8:00 AM every single day. rieser, please do offer me some much needed advice. maybe i'll just forgot about K altogether.

awesome olivia did so great and wasn't even going to miss you. can't wait for pictures.

Elise said...

Whaaaat?! Your Olivia started school?! My Chancho started school this week, too! My secret dream is that one day Olivia and Chancho will meet, fall in love, get married, and have beautiful blonde grandbabies for us to blog about. This is a small town - I have a shot, right???

And way to raise a confident child, Marie! You are a star.

THE HILLS said...

Sorry about the blog background...I'm looking into it. But the real reason I hopped over here was to say Thanks for the note at the bottom of your check. It gave me a smile that I needed! You're so cool!