Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Report

Brother and Sister were watching an old Wiggles movie this morning, and Katelyn... for the first time ever... was caught in the magic of middle-aged Australian men singing goofy songs. She was sitting on the couch staring with one eyebrow up in the most intense fashion. I feel sort of bad interrupting her, but at the same time... it's for the best. Really. Otherwise she will become part of the obscure Wiggles references that rule in this household.
Luckily for me, I will be singing "Six months in a leaky boat" in a falsetto voice for the rest of the day. If you know what I'm saying, holla! If you don't... ducky. I wish a Britney Spears song upon you. Something truly annoying and computarized, too. Start humming it now. Now, I say!

Olivia was making masks earlier... this morning she informed me she likes to make monster masks, and was trying to get K.J. to work on her monster play with her, but he declined, saying he needs to save all his energy for his play later today. She said she could still have energy for his play later and demonstrated several jumps. He said "That's not energy, that's just wild." At which point I pointed out Olivia is very creative, too, and she has great ideas to add and he needs to let her. His response? "I know." She tried negotiating, volunteering to be the monster in his play, too, but he doesn't want a monster -- he needs her to play a witch. He did; however, hold her paper with the monster mask drawn on it up to his face and make a creepy noise. She screamed, being the obedient sister that she is. He then told her "I'm really good at making creepy noises, it's one of my talents."

Heh. These are the moments you're just glad to be sitting inconspicuously on the couch where no one notices you're there and you get to hear the whole thing go down.

During breakfast preparation this morning (lots of hard work -- pull the bowls out of one cupboard --- pull the cereal out of the other -- retrieve the milk -- pull out some spoons -- pour) K.J. and Livi were playing with a toy truck that was sliding down an impromptu cliff off the kitchen chair. The truck was getting some real air. After one particularly violent crash, Olivia noted they were probably all squished in the truck. K.J. reassured her, "It's okay, they used their ejection seats -- they're fine."

I realize Kaje is going into the third grade and all (yikes that my child is going into the third grade), but still -- ejection seats? That is so totally rad. Last night Olivia used the sentence "Apparently it's right here" to hand Katelyn her found lollipop. And my little English-loving heart just swells. I think nothing is cooler and more hilarious then a tiny person using a big word. Love. It.

The primary president in our ward told the kids last week there is good news and bad news -- the good news is, school is starting. The bad news is, school is starting. So true. Truer words I have never heard.

The break in our water main that was causing frightening amounts of water to ooze up through our living room floor has been fixed. Of course, now there is a gigantic piece of cement and ripped carpet around it in the middle of my living room. But whatev. Yes, I would love for them to fix it. But can I control these other people? No, I can not. The worst part is, the carpet got so soaked for so many days and just sat there stagnant, so there is that wet yucky smell that I truly despise. The scentsie has been hard at work and I hope when they get it all repaired there will be no lingering misfortune.
Sort of silly, really.

Yesterday the Double B got so sick -- it was truly tragic. It was fast Sunday, and while fasting with a really great purpose or two, it's still super hard (especially if you're immature, like Marie). The Double B and I spent the few hours after church and before dinner discussing it off and on -- he is a great life coach for Marie. He is able to take years and years of lessons and sacrament meeting talks and sum it up into one or two helpful sentences that clarify things for MaRetard. I think I will keep him around. We were both so starving by dinner time, and the first Sunday of every month is the one where we all go eat at my parents house, so the food is extra special good. Have you noticed how sometimes you go from one extreme to the other? For instance, you're so hungry that you go wild and in the case of my husband, eat a large dinner with FIVE of Trina's delicious wheat rolls and then two cinnamon rolls for dessert? He got so sick. I felt so tragical for him. In fact, for awhile there, I really thought his appendix was rupturing and we needed to go the hospital. He knew it was just a really vicious tummy ache, though. Thanks to a priesthood blessing from my Dad and brother Jon, and some much needed yacking, he was able to rest and a few hours later felt much better. He was even able to go to work this morning, against Doctor Marie's advice.
Poor Double B. What a hero -- if it were me, I'd just lay in bed today and allow the general population to answer to my every whim. But not him. He's off working the plow.

I think that you, the courageous people that read my blog, must be especially resilient. I never talk in any real order and usually just put whatever is happening in my brain onto paper (or keyboard, in this case). Sometimes, I even report on barfing. It's just me. If you came over and we went cokin' (translation: went on a car ride and got a refill of coke) or something, I'd just tell it all to you in conversation. But since you're yet to show up on my doorstep, I've got to improvise.
You are good friends.
Good night.  

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Elise said...

I have never heard of this "Cokin'" but it sounds magical. Kind of like my "Fresca-in'" One day I will run into you at Costco and we'll go Fresca/Cokin'.