Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Cousins + Summer = Totally awesome.

The kitchen has been conquered.


If I had a flag that just stood straight out (i.e. moon landing), I would stick it in the middle of my linoleum and declare this land Marie's. Of course, then it would have to be defended against hostile invaders. And since all four of the other members of this household would belong to that category, I think I'll just have to claim a moral victory and celebrate cheaply, by... well, I don't drink soda pop anymore (almost a year now, thank you very much), so I guess I'll... well, weight watchers is nearly complete (13 pounds and counting, thank you very much), so unhealthy deliciousness is not really in the picture, so I guess I'll... write on my blog. And I think I'll eat some grapes later. Because grapes are delicious, and Liv is requesting a bowl with "grapes and a pickle" anyway.

Who eats grapes and a pickle in one sitting? Livi, that's who.

I will now give Weight Watchers a free plug -- because everyone knows how much money my opinion is worth. I was getting fairly concerned about my eating habits and getting fairly concerned about the way I was treating my body (if you've ever been afraid for your health, you get a pretty good picture of how totally awesome having a body really is), so I felt I needed some help learning how to take better care of myself -- which sounds funny, but I really had no idea how to eat right any more. So I prayed for motivation, and got motivation -- which is a huge blessing, and I'm not joking about that. I've never really had a problem getting the excercise I need, it's the ability to have a desire to eat correctly that I struggle with. My prayers were answered with a burning desire and determination to take better care of myself. And believe me, this has been a topic of prayer a lot since then (I figure the Lord doesn't mind being my support system in this). I've been doing Weight Watchers for thirteen weeks and have lost thirteen pounds -- slow and steady sort of like the tortoise. The weight is good for my guts that need a little extra motivation to play nicely, anyway, but that's really just a bi-product of learning to eat in a way that is healthy and makes me feel better and honors the gift I have been given in this mortal frame. So I'm happy for myself, and I'm proud of myself. Body image is something I feel really strongly about, and something I've certainly preached about -- that was never why I was doing this. I was never hating on myself for having a little more to love. It was strictly for my health. And really, what I've been learning to do is follow the Word of Wisdom (an LDS health code, just in case you don't know), and I seriously -- I seriously feel great. I love the promise given in the Doctrine and Covenants that the Lord is bound to bless us when we do what He says -- cause and effect, really. He's a promise keeper.
I actually gained some unhealthy weight in the year after my Granny-friend died -- I know it was grief related, and I know that is the time I started to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. It's taken me three and a half years, but I'm coming back to better health. And it feels good.

End of speech.

You are welcome, Weight Watchers. If you'd like to make me a spokeswoman, I'm willing.

I am really willing to put myself out there on this blog, aren't I. It does make me a better person, somehow. Maybe a place where I can really self-assess. And apparently take you all along for the ride. You are welcome. Or not welcome. Depending on if you appreciate the ride or stopped reading three years ago.

Finally, I made a list. It's called:

Top Ten Reasons Not To Be Angry

1) It's Stupid.
2) There are better things to do with my time, like stand on my head. Or think of things to create. Or clean or cook or something. Or play with my children. Or make a mock campaign to announce my candidacy for the presidency of the United States.
3) So I don't dream I pick a huge fight with everyone I love and tell them they're all doing it wrong, even if I don't even think they are doing it wrong -- even in the dream.
4) I'll have fewer zits. I feel it.
5) I won't annoy myself so much.
6) It will probably help me be better at the pogo-stick.
7) Angry people make me laugh. Seriously.
8) It will eliminate my ventishness on the inside, since I'm not really an outside ventor. That could be nice.
9) I think I'm probably smarter then this. I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt.
10) It's the darn stupidist thing ever.

And... scene.

Happy Trails, everybody.

P.S. Last night K.J. and I went to the city pool on a date. He is learning to swim slowly but surely. It was really fun to be together. One thing I know for sure: when I was eight, I could swim for HOURS, and often did. When I'm 29, an hour and fifteen minutes is more energy then I can legally expend.
It was dreamy.


Elise said...

On the Weight Watchers thing...this is a huge problem for me - comfort eating. Seattle has not been pretty, my friend. When Elise feels insecure she eats. And eats. And eats. And talks in third person. Any tips, oh successful one? Did you have any other tricks up your sleeve besides praying for motivation and having exceptional willpower?

I feel the same way - I don't hate my body, I just don't think downing a Butterfinger...and a mini Blizzard...and a leftover piece of birthday cake all in one day is a great move for me, health-wise. And yet...I can't stop. I need to borrow some of your self-control.

And the anger thing...I hear ya. Anger is a real problem for me, just ask the people who live with me. For some reason you don't strike me as an angry person, though. I think you're great. And your blog is super fun to read. Thanks for send your words out into the world. :O)

Simmons Family said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! I need to follow your example and start eating healthy too. You go girl!!!

Ducksoup said...

WOW - - you lost 13 pounds, that is beyond impressive. i am so proud of you. losing one pound is hard so 13 is craziness. way to go rie! eat some grapes for me :)