Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Buddy

I've been sick the last few days -- so dumb. Monday I was pretty much laid out for the day. The kids were troopers and did their best with a Mom that couldn't contribute to terrribly much. Katelyn has been my little buddy, though, she's been amazing -- just sitting with me on the bed with the latest toy she's gathered, chattering and giving me "HHHHUUUUUUGGGGGG!!!!!"'s tight around the neck when she thinks I need one. She's the coolest. Plus the cutest, it's Daddy's day off and he's listening to Pandora, and she's dancing around in a very elaborate circle. Yesterday was a little better, and today is a little better. Being sick is just so lame. What a waste of time.
But I'm up today and must proclaim how radical my husband is. He's been so sweet about having to do both jobs when he gets home, which I feel frustrated about, because he already does so much. But he's so kind. That's probably my favorite thing about my husband, really. He is just so kind. An absolute heart of gold. And maybe I get to know it more then anyone else in the world, because I get the front row seat.
Monday he came home after a terrible day at work, knowing I was in bed and the house was in shambles (having been unable to follow the children around while they conquered and destroyed). He came in, brought me dinner, brought me a washed and cut lemon with salt, felt my forehead, and went to work -- cleaning the house, helping with homework, and saving my bacon, basically. He even mopped. HE MOPPED. Which he knows is my most hated job in the world (well, a toss up between mopping and scrubbing the bathtub). He mopped.
Because he is the absolute best.
And now it's his day off, so I pretty much plan on sitting on the couch and staring at him all day.

 Should be a good day, really.

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Ducksoup said...

wow. go ben go. that is so AWESOME! what did you do in your pre-mortal life to get a husband that cleans like that!