Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two Princesses

Katelyn and I went on a walk this morning, and I do believe we may have been the victims of a time warp. It was our regular little jaunt -- about three miles. This time there was the added excitement of needing to mail a letter. But something happened. I think the planet's rotation slowed, or something. And it was THE LONGEST WALK OF MY LIFE. I thought hours and hours must have been passing by... Katelyn even fell asleep, a near miracle... and is still asleep, a bigger miracle... and when we finally arrived at our house, only fifty minutes had passed.
I'm confused.
Recently Olivia wrote a letter to her beloved Ariel -- favorite Disney princess to my little princess. She got the idea from a picture and became practically obsessed with it. So we got a pen and paper and she dictated to me, her secretary.
The letter says:
Dear Ariel,
The reason why I like you is because you have pretty red hair.
I wish I was a mermaid like you, because I would be happy to swim with you all day!
Do you know why I love you? It's because you're swimming in my heart!
Five years old!
 Oh. My. Isn't that about the sweetest little thing you've heard EVER IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE?!? I do believe it is.
Who comes up with stuff like that?
Olivia. That's who.
We looked up an address on line and sent it that day -- Liv put the stamp on and even put it in the mailbox herself, and by that night was hoping Ariel had received it.
Meeting Ariel for real life in Disneyland was pretty much the best thing to ever happen. Although Liv had hoped to have the courage to be able to curtsy and say "Hello, Your Majesty," Ariel in the flesh was just too much. She was very royal behaving, though. It was pretty much a magical dream come true. Made all the greater when Ariel told Olivia she looked like a very good swimmer, and maybe sometime they could swim together.
Oh. My.

Just here to say that people always say Dreams Do Come True... and you never know. They might be right.


Elise said...

Last night I dreamed that I was pregnant.

I hope they aren't right. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Elise. . . that was random. I am sure you will be fine either way, but now I am confused. Do you suspect Ariel in some way. . .