Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Daddy

Hello. My name is Louis Pasteur.
I am part of K.J.'s pumpkin book report, based on the classic value book
'The Value of Believing in Yourself.'
 One of Mom's favorites growing up,
one of K.J.'s favorite's now.
Ah... the circle of life.
Hello. My name is Monster High Frankenstein Girl.
Olivia created me as a Halloween decoration for her room, based upon K.J.'s book report creation.
As you can see, I have many stitches.
I also have "blood splatters," because that is cute here at Monster High.
I think that we can freely say that if ever blood splatters could be considered charming, these are the winning splatters.

This morning K.J. fell over something in his room and yelled in surprise. Katelyn jumped up off the coach and went running "I coming! I coming, K.J.!" Super cute. She also run back to get "Blank! Bunny!" -- her blanket and K.J.'s favorite toy -- in case he needed them. I love to see these care-taker qualities come out in my little nurturer.
She just ate the very last of the M&M's package and fussed in distress "Choc-ate. More!" It's very sad when the choc-ate is all gone, especially for Katelyn, who loves Choc-ate more then even her Mother loves choc-ate.
It's so nice to have her start talking. She is picking it up at the speed of sound, too. Throwing two and three words together and surprising us every day with what is popping out of her mouth. Hallelujah! That is the sweet sound of relief you are hearing. It's so much easier when they can start to express what they need to you.
Believe it or not, she even communicated to my Mom and I as we were packing pictures last night that she wanted to watch "Dancing With the Stars" (I'm only slightly ashamed) and dance. I put it on for her, she shook her booty all over the room and then would stop and watch for a minute, then shake her booty some more. This morning she let me know she wanted to watch Snoopy in my bedroom "Puppy! Room!" Yeah... she's probably a genius. And definitely our third little performer with all the singing and dancing. The Double B is, I do believe, actually pleased that all of our children have taken some of their Mom's early passion for the arts. Which I think is very endearing, personally.

Yesterday I got a call from the counselor at the elementary school to inform me that K.J. had been nominated to be a part of the Principal's Cougar Club. A high honor, indeed. The counselor read me what his teacher had written about him -- that he is always on task in class, and is a very good example to others in his class. Oh yeah. I was surprised to get a personal phone call, but I am not surprised that K.J. is totally awesome. I went out into the front room and told him about the call and gave him a big hug. He is getting so tall -- up to my chest -- and growing in every way. He was pleased I was pleased, and humbly nodded that yes, I am proud of him. He was especially happy when I told Daddy about it on the phone before bed and his Dad could tell him how awesome he is, too. What a guy that K.J. is.

We have a song that we always sing to our kids. You know it -- it's Bruno Mars 'Just The Way You Are.' They are beautiful, they are amazing, they are perfect... just the way they are. All my kids love it and could hear it over and over and over again. I often sing it to Olivia and tell her that's how Daddy and I feel about her. Last night Grandma came to help pack but we went and grabbed some dinner first. On the way home I heard the most magical thing in the world. It was Liv singing. She sang "When I see my face, there's not a thing that I would change. 'Cause I'm amazing -- just the way I am. And when I smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while -- 'cause I'm amazing, just the way I am." Melted my heart. She went through a lot of the song sweetly changing it so it was about herself. And I absolutely loved it. Because it is true. She is amazing, just the way she is.
One of the most beautiful and magical things about being a child is that you embrace your self worth. It's never ego, it's just acknowledging that you are special, that you are unique, that you are beautiful, that you are awesome. That there is nobody like you. It thrills me when I am able to hear those wonderful moments when my children express their worth. I have many goals as a parent, but that is one of my greatest dreams -- to somehow protect and preserve as much as I possibly can of that innate knowledge inside my children that they are special, that they are children of God, that nothing can diminish their incredible worth.

There are lots of jobs in this world, but I never imagined how much joy the job of MOTHER could bring me. I am glad to be a woman. I am glad we are Mothers, whether we have our own children or Mother someone else's. We are the Nurturers, a God-like quality that we actually had born within us. Simply amazing.

To close, I will give you the Double B update: he arrived yesterday afternoon after almost nineteen long hours driving by himself...yuck. But he went into work to meet some co-workers, and I am happy to report that all the kids on the playground were nice to him. I just know he will excel there. He is, let's face it, one of the nicest people in the world. You just can't help but like him (I know I can't). He started officially this morning and I can't wait to hear how it went -- he is definitely in my prayers. He did say it was very, very humid and is a little concerned this desert rat will be able to get used to it. I assured him we will ALL get used to it. 'Cause that is what families do.

I am now off to kill the fly that has suicidal tendencies and keeps buzzing my face. It will be a mercy kill, I assure you.
Talk to you soon, friends.

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