Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Forum

I watched just a little of the Vice Presidential Debate last night as my faithful Mother helped me unearth my front room and kitchen (I have learned packing destroys ones house. Weird.). It was pretty interesting what I heard, and my Mom and I discussed how the Vice President has so very, very few roles according to the United States Constitution, and how that role has sort of culturally morphed into attack dog of sorts. Interesting. Very very interesting. Is it wrong that I get distracted by what Paul Ryan is saying because I just think he's so darn cute? And also that I get distracted by what Joe Biden is saying because I think Paul Ryan is so darn cute? The Double B knows about this and he doesn't mind at all. I actually think Paul Ryan and the Double B sort of resemble each other... the Double B winning the competition, naturally. The Double B never gets threatened by my Jazz boyfriends or Paul Ryan or anything, really, because I think he knows how very wrapped around his finger I really am. I like that quality. I don't necessary have it myself, but I'm working on it.
That's one of the best parts about marriage for me. The Double B has so many qualities that I so greatly admire, and as the years have passed it's gratifying to see I have been learning to adopt them into myself. A whole new skill set I'm learning, and one I like. And vice versa. Probably most happy marriages feel this way and it's probably true for them, but ours is greatly based on admiration and we've been blessed to have very complimentary gifts that I really feel have the ability, if we'll use them, to turn us both into whole people by the end of this journey.
I don't know if that makes sense.
Let the world know that I really like the Double B. I think he is pretty much awesome.
Katelyn just brought me her first dress-up dress to put on her! She looked very beautiful and it lasted for about two seconds. Now she is cozy in one of Daddy's shirts. Comfort first and always. I can understand that. She is at a most exciting time! She seems to be starting to really grasp words and that they can help her. In fact, she has started stringing two or three together at one time! She still speaks Chinese, naturally, but there is some definite English slipping in there, and it is thrilling for me. I love toddlers, and I am always so, so happy when they add speaking to their arsenal. It makes it easier for both of us. Here's a fun little thing: Yesterday she told my Mom some elaborate story in gibberish and I said "Looks like Katee is speaking Chinese again." Kate looked up at me and smiled and said "Chi-nese." I took that as a confirmation that that is her language of choice. Maybe I should send her to be a foreign exchange student. A few other examples: this morning she brought me an empty Toberlone wrapper and said sadly "Choc-let gone. Choc-let gone." Yep. Chocolate gone. I'd like it back, too. One of her favorites is "Jonnie. House. An (Aunt) Trina. House. Ty-Ty! Ty-Ty! House." That's her standby when she wants to head across the street to visit one of her favorite BFF's, my brother Jon and his family. I often hear "Dolly! Stuck! Blanket! Stuck!" or "Dad-Dee. Work. Dad-Dee. Work. Gone. Work." Or on those frequent occasions when she breaks something "Momma! A Broke! A Broke!" She also thinks it's acceptable to add "Grandpa" into any conversation.
It's fun to see her learn and grow. She really is getting to the time I enjoy the very most. I am glad I have her as my friend and hang out buddy. We make a good team!
This morning Liv got to wear a new long-sleeved shirt to school. It has a big picture of a s'more on it and it says "Girls have s'more fun." Her life felt complete... she felt absolutely beautiful! It is really fun to see her model in front of the mirror on those occasions. As I was brushing through her hair she informed me that this is the shirt she is going to wear on her first day of school in her new city! And the kids will see the new girl and wish they had a shirt just like her, and they will probably want to be her friend!
I told her they will DEFINITELY want to be her friend. Because she is AWESOME.
We'll consider the s'more shirt her insurance policy.

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Ducksoup said...

hey you, the amazing thing about you is that even when your life is so stressful you still post. it. is. amazing. i love it because i love updates and want to know how your life is.

glad katelyn is talking more - - so cute. maybe she can teach maci a few words. and livi is so cute. want to see that shirt.

hope you are surviving. moving is so much work. i have only moved one kid, not three so props to you. keep up the good work of packing!