Monday, October 29, 2012


 Hello there.

The Double B and I were both released from our church callings yesterday. That is always a day that makes me sad, which may or may not make me a weirdo. I am not totally sure. I just really, truly love having a place and feeling like I am contributing to the kingdom, if you will. But this will just make sure I am double ready to dig in and work when I finally get to join my buddy in our new home (where ever and whenever that will be -- please, soon soon soon!). The AWESOME piece of this news is that they called my good friend, Sista Richins, to be the new primary music leader! She will be so rockin' at that. I told the kids how much they look forward to with her, not only is she a lot of fun, but she is so hilarious! They are excited to have her. It is also so nice to know that they love me. Yay. That is important for all of us, to feel loved and feel like we're doing some good. Excuse me while I write a letter:
Dear Sista Richins,
I didn't get to find you and give you a big hug yesterday and say "YAY!", so I will do it now. YOU WILL BE AWESOME. And since this is so obviously your calling, anyway, I would like to formally thank you for lending it to me for awhile. It was an important time for me, I learned and grew and found lots of happiness there. Those are some seriously lucky kids. Can they call you Rockin' Sister Richins? Because I think that would be good.
I'm happy.
I couldn't stop smiling when they said your name.
Sista B.
You know what's cool? I'd always wanted to be primary chorister, because it just seemed so fun. I never thought I'd get the chance, but I did -- and it is super fun.

I really miss my husband. I realize he's only been gone for a week, but it seems like so much longer. I'm attached to him, what can I say. All night I tossed and turned and thought I was an idiot to wait here, I should have just gone with him and we could have crunched into a hotel and love could keep us alive. Sigh. But I would just remind myself that this is an important time and the children need schooling and security (weird about that, right?) and it will only be a drop in the bucket in the long run.
These are all valid points. I am chalk full of valid points sometimes (she flatters herself).

Want to see a funny picture?
These children belong to me. This is yesterday morning, when Olivia wanted to cut K.J.'s toenails for him and he bravely agreed, and let her finish, even though she got him pretty good a few times. You can see the contentment in her posture and the long suffering and slight anxiety in his face.
Cracks me up. Being a Mom is so dang cool.
Poor K.J. cried his little eyes out when I was thanking the primary kids for their friendship yesterday. He used his tie as his handkerchief.
Whatever it takes, man. Whatever it takes.
Talk to you soon, friends!


Elise said...

I think I like that K.J. kid. What a great guy. Obviously he takes after his mom. Can you move home from Missouri when K.J. comes home from his mission so that I can set him up with my Olivia? Thanks. :)

Ducksoup said...

oh rie, you are so funny. everything about this post was awesome. i feel bad that you miss ben so much though. kinda makes me happy though to know you are so in love. and the picture of your kiddos is hilarious. i should have forgotten the sheets and shown up in time to see this take place. so funny. k.j. really is so cute. adorable he cried when you told the kids bye. i should have come in to see that. thanks for the post and happy house hunting to you.

Unknown said...

Step one of taking over Marie's life here in Hurricane is complete. Now...on to Trina! :)....

Dear Sista B.,

I am seriously sad that you are leaving my ward. I have gained so much from your company. You are a ray of sunshine in my ward family...and to tell you the truth, I've had a spiritual crush on you for quite some time. There I said it. I will take care of OUR calling and I will miss you stinkin guts!

Sista Richins