Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mad Cow Disease

The Double B just shared his fascinating thoughts inspired by milk. He literally walked me through how thinking about his milk as he was pouring it made him think of cows, which made him think of mammals, which made him think of... and so forth. It was delightful. They were really strange thoughts. Usually I am the one with the strange thoughts that I then have to walk him through -- this made me think of that, which made me think of this, etc. -- and FINALLY, it was him. He is the weirdo in the relationship this morning! After all these years, I'm finally wearing off on him. And it made me laugh. So I gave him a great big "you're welcome" for all the joy I must bring him every day with my unusual thought patterns.
As I sat down to type and he saw his name he pointed his finger and forbade me from documenting his thoughts. I told him of course I wouldn't, I just wanted to prove I am not the only special one here. He then told me he was going to copyright his mouth (dangerous threats here). Just to make sure I couldn't use his magnificent phraseology without his permission.
He has read this through to protect himself, and I am proud to say he can put up on this blog "My name is the Double B, and I approve this message."

Weird times around these parts.
Literally, yesterday afternoon I officially reached my stress thresh hold and honestly thought I was about to have an aneurysm, or at the very least a massive stroke. I felt my muscles clench and what could only be my blood pressure sky rocketing because I felt it in my head, and an inability to speak. Luckily disaster was averted. I lived to tell the tale. I would have had the Double B ask me those life saving stroke questions you are supposed to ask, but I couldn't articulate to have him do so. This is stressful, what can I say. And I can honestly say I'm not a high stress person, things don't usually get to climb under my skin and threaten melt-down. Something about moving across the country in a two-three weeks time frame and not being exactly sure how to do it stresses me out. Call me crazy. Luckily my Mom graciously cooked dinner for our family last night and I got to cry on her shoulder. At these times it seems very appropriate to sing "Oh, no now I -- I will survive! Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I'll..." etc.
So that's us this morning.
The End.

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