Monday, October 1, 2012


Katelyn has loaded up her little red car with her sippy cup of milk and an extra blue cup -- just in case. She's got a baby in each arm and a crown that says "Olivia" on her head. She has Sister's shoes on her feet -- one white one and one flip flop. And she climbs in and out of the car, her eyes searching all over the room, in and out, in and out, in and out. Just when I think I'll succeed in getting a picture she makes a break for it.
But it sure is cute.
So I'll just have to remember it.
Now she has two barbie dolls. They appear to be having a conversation. The only problem is one seems to be in pain. Kate keeps handing her to me saying "ow, ow, ow." I try to look for problems, but Barbie seems perfectly fine to me. I hand her back. Kate is frustrated. It becomes "OW, OW, OW."
Ah. The joys of motherhood.

The Double B and I had the chance to go up to a marriage seminar in Salt Lake City this weekend. My parents gave it to us and each of my siblings for our Christmas presents come early. As it turned out, everyone else had to reschedule for different reasons, so BB and I headed up by ourselves and had a smashing good time. It really was awesome. We learned so much and have many new tools to help bring us closer together. We've been blessed in that we are both 100% committed to each other and to us, so we have had a strong marriage, and a mostly very happy marriage. But it is always great to get new tools to help make us stronger and happier. The conference covered a whole lot of topics, too, so we feel like we grew in many areas. Score and score.
The Double B got us a very nice hotel room for a great price. We got there about 11:30 at night, checked in, and went up to our room on the fifth floor. Much to our surprise, the door was open and the covers on the bed had obviously been slept in! So we snickered quietly and booked it back down the hall in case someone had just left the room to get ice or something. When we got back to the lobby the staff was horrified! We just laughed (because it was funny), and the man kept telling BB how much he appreciated us for not yelling at him. My husband really is so nice, so he was basically getting the man's life story as he found us a new room. Because of the "inconvenience" (and I suspect because of the Double B's kindness), they sent us up to the top floor -- the "club" floor, where you have to be special to get on -- and gave us access to the concierge lounge where we could go and get free food or drinks any time of day or night. HAHAHA!!! We basically giggled like little kids over it for the next two days. It. Was. Awesome.

We had a great time. And our kids had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. As Liv put it "Mom was gone and so she couldn't take care of me. But GRANDMA was there to take care of me! So it was perfectly fine!" Thanks to my parents for a great weekend. It was a fabulous Christmas gift.

Happy October! My, how I love October.


Elise said...

It pays to be kind, huh?

One time DJ and I were sent to a hotel room that was occupied by a very large-in-stature African American man. At one in the morning in Los Angeles. We RAN back to the front desk. I think the guy chased us but we beat him. We are THAT fast. We were not sent to the "Club" floor, since it was a Super 8 by the airport. In fact, the guy at the front desk tried to make it sound like it was our fault that he sent us to an occupied room in the middle of the night.

Why haven't I told that story on my blog? Once again I will have to link to your blog and direct everyone to your comments. I guess you just bring out the stories in me, Marie. I am sending all of my friends to your blog.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

That is awesome! I'm totally jealous of everything that happened in this post...marriage seminar, weekend away, hotel upgrades, grandma happily taking kids!...the whole thing!

You are once again...the envy of Nichelle Richins! :)