Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Special Thanksgiving

We had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. While the Double B had an incredibly well-deserved rest, sleeping away the day in the Midwest, we got to spend the day being thankful with the Double B's parents and big sister Jan and her husband John for Thanksgiving feast number one, and my parents and my brother Nick and his wife Sil for Thanksgiving feast number two. It was a lot of food, and a really beautiful day. I am thankful for it and the wonderful memories made today.

At my parents house we have a tradition where everyone takes a turn sharing what they feel thankful for. I was a little hesitant this year, because I knew I would cry, and... yep, I did. But it's okay, because Olivia ran and brought me a tissue. I am thankful for my amazing family and their friendship, and I am thankful to be a Mother, and I am thankful for the Double B and that I get to be with him soon. I am thankful to know I have a Father in Heaven who hears my prayers. Everyone took their turns and it was very nice. K.J. was a little sniffelish, and he is thankful for his friends and his family. We got to the other side to Olivia and it was one of the very sweetest things I've ever seen in all of my life. She is five, which sort of makes her tenderness more amazing. She was struggling with her emotions. You could feel her thankfulness. When she finally spoke, with tears welling up in her great big blue eyes she said "I love Hurricane because I know it, and because it has given us it's treasures." And then she totally broke down as she said "I'm thankful for my Mom because I love her SO much. And I'm thankful that we can go and be with our Daddy again in _____, because we love him SO much." She burst into sobs and everyone in the table followed suit in their own way. I got up and grabbed her her own tissue and she reached for me to pick her up so I could hold her and rock her. She was just a puddle, and it was the most tender thing in the world. Poor brother was a wreck. She wrecked us all.
It was the sweetest, most sincere thing in the world, and one of the best Thanksgiving moments I've ever had.
It's such a privilege to be the Mom to such amazing spirits. What an honor.

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Deepfryer said...

i wish i could have been there. a crying fest is so good for the soul, isn't it. you know what i mean. happy thanksgiving to you. my mom and i were thinking about ben wednesday night...wondering how it all went and thinking he was probably pretty happy to be done. what is the exact date you are moving? i love you.