Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Hallow's Eve 2012.

Let the Halloween commentary begin:
This is Katelyn, but for Halloween night, This is our BYU Cheerleader.
I got this costume for tiny Katee in her Dad's honor, as he is a true-blue fan. He loves it, and she got many comments throughout the night, based on if the candy givers were Y fans or U fans. But they all thought she was pretty adorable.
And yes, she is holding a gigantic soda pop. It was orange soda, if you are wondering. I gave up soda more then a year ago and have miraculously lost the taste for it in any form, but my kids still like it. They all shared this big drink. But still. It's a really big drink. I will change my ways in providing it for my children. But it's still a super funny picture.
This here is Olivia, or Rapunzel, if  you will.
She posed herself... the bike is her royal chariot (although I'm sure you already picked up on that). Liv was a very beautiful Rapunzel and she felt very beautiful. At one house we had the following encounter:

Man - Oh, it's Princess Freckles!

Liv - NO-O-O! I'm Princess Rapunzel!

Man - Oh, sorry. I just really love your freckles.

Mom - Say thank you.

Liv - Thank you. (walking away and muttering) Everybody just LOVES my freckles.

Mom - I know. That's because they are so beautiful.

Liv - I know. I love them, too. It's just that the sun kisses me all the time, like muah-muah-muah. It kisses me every morning before school!

And... scene.
Let's all take a moment and appreciate the awesomeness that is Olivia, shall we?

This is K.J.
Or K.J. the Veterinarian on October 31.
It's sort of very interesting to everyone that knows K.J. that he chose to be a vet, because he is still very afraid of animals (although getting better all the time). He explained to me that he really LOVES animals... stuffed animals. So he works to help them get better.
That's Lilly on his head, his favorite webkin. Lilly gets a lot of love. Everyone is sort of jealous of Lilly. Duchess, Leo, Zion, Gadget Love... they all feel a little left out.

 In the running for Favorite Picture Of All Time:
And this one is pretty nice, too:
That was trying to be K.J.'s first individual shot, but Olivia loves her brother so much. And she has always struggled to not jump into every picture with him. He was photo bombed. Which I think is pretty endearing, really.

This is Kate after our first few houses:
Daddy thought this picture was pretty sad when I texted it to him, but I think it's hilarious. She looks so cute. Her face is basically begging to be taken out of this Halloween abyss. But don't worry. It only took her a street or so to figure out that Halloween is AWESOME. You could practically see the wheels turning in her mind -- 'I look cute and be polite and people give me candy!' She even started to hold up her little bucket and very quietly say "Tick a Teat" and then "Tank oo."
I mean, come on, people. That is so obviously the cutest thing ever.

Mariah also came trick-or-treating with us, and her costume as a personal trainer got many chuckles. I will admit, I wasn't quite into the spirit of dressing up this year and even considered just going as a parent (gasp! I know. I practically heard the horror coming from all of you), because I needed the Double B for my planned costume to be totally awesome. But in the last five minutes before go time, I decided I couldn't let my Halloween love fall by the way side. I put together a costume and Olivia exclaimed in pleasure "You're Mother Gothel!" And darned if I wasn't.
I think it was meant to be.
We followed our tradition of trick-or-treating with the Allred's and the Wolsleger's, and it was fun to look behind me as Katee and I chased the older kids at Shawna and Trina and Jon and Dennis crunching leaves behind us. What a happy memory.

 Here's our family of spooks at Grandma's:
Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween. Until next year!

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Elise said...

Cuteness all around. How is Olivia's Rapunzel wig not an enormous snarled rat's nest like our wigs?! Amazing. I wanted to be Mother Gothel, but alas I do not own a black cloak. That words looks like it is spelled wrong.