Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mariah and Other Kids

A few nights ago I was thinking about my little children. I was thinking that in many ways they are heros. My children know how to take someone in, accept them, and love them. They have done it -- they have accepted someone into our home and embraced them as one of their own. And that is a lot to ask of a person, any person. But they did it. They sacrificed to make it happen, even as small as they are. They were inconvenienced many times and gave up a lot of personal space to make it happen. But they did it. They did it. And I think that is amazing.

In our case, it was for our foster daughter Mariah. When Mariah came into our home, she was 17. I was 28, the Double B was 31. Our own children were 7, 4, and 1. It must have been pure insanity that would drive us to take in a teenager, much less a teenager that had suffered and struggled and had some problems. We weren't exactly qualified. We were as far away from qualified as you can get. But it didn't matter. The thought came, and it wouldn't go away. We felt that God was telling us to protect this child. This girl was supposed to come into our home and allow us to love her as our daughter. There was a long period where we didn't know if it would happen or not, and I felt constantly worried, even physically sick over it because I just knew Mariah was supposed to be a member of our family for that time. Finally, though, the time came and it happened. Many, many legal hoops were jumped through. And that first night she slept in her room, I felt at peace.
It was quite a time in my life, that is for sure. It was quite a time in the Double B's life, that is for sure. It was quite a time in my childrens lives, that is for sure. And when it was finally time for her to move out, that first night K.J. was back in his room, I felt at peace, too.
We knew it would be hard (it was). We knew it would be a challenge (it was). We knew many tears would be shed (they were). We knew it would change us and many other things (it did). We also knew it was what our Heavenly Father wanted us to do (we did it).
And we know that a girl that came from a home life of dysfunction and abuse and too little love learned what it means to be a part of a family that cares and works together and loves one another forever, for always, and no matter what. Mariah lives in her own place now. Her choices are her own. I have learned I can not control them and I can not even make her always want to let us be a part of her life to love and help her. But we do love her. Forever, forever, forever.
We see her at least every Sunday and she is now part of our supportive extended family that will continue to help her as we will be physically far away.
We feel that God asked us to help one of his children. We were not the perfect candidates. We did not do a perfect job. But we did everything in our power to do what he asked us to do. 

Through my friend Tamari, my attention has been drawn to the Truax family. They have been called in a BIG way. They are struggling through the million hurdles required to adopt three siblings from Ukraine. Because of the enormous financial strain, they have written a blog to help make this possible. If you can look over their blog, if you can help them, I think it is worth it. I think God blesses us as we stretch beyond ourselves. I do believe God has asked this family to help three of his children. And they are trying to answer that call, despite the obstacles in their way. I admire that greatly. And I absolutely, completely, utterly believe in miracles.

Let's help give Mom Truax some rest tonight. I'm sure her Mother Heart is longing to rest -- with all her chickens in her nest.

Good luck, Truax family! Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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The Truax Family said...

You story is so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me today!