Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Children

It was a very interesting day yesterday.
Here's the real gem: last night we decided to go over to my parents house and loiter there, since our loitering at will days are numbered. On the way we saw a few houses with Christmas lights! This is very thrilling to all of us, since we are a Christmas family, and if the Double B were here, our lights would have been up a week ago. They were lovely, twinkly lights.
As we pulled out onto the main road Olivia exclaimed "I love Christmas! Do you know why? Because I love the presents that are all wrapped up and you have to unwrap them! And also, it is when the baby Jesus was born!" I told her she was right. Presents are fun, baby Jesus is the very best of all. Then K.J. says in a very calm voice "Liv, do you know what Christmas is really all about?" She asked "What?" And he taught her. He said "It's really all about giving. We give gifts because of the three wise men. They were kings that brought gifts to the baby Jesus, and we give gifts so that we can be like them." She was impressed by this, but I was amazed, quite frankly. My mother heart did a big flip-flop, and I thanked him for being willing to help teach his sisters. He then told her about the gifts: "There was gold, and fr... well, I can't remember what it was called. Some stuff that smelled really good. And something else. What were they, Mom?"
Pretty awesome.
Many funny things happened yesterday. For instance, there was a large construction crew digging up our road. They tour the whole thing up, basically, gigantic holes here, there and everywhere. The best part was they came and dropped off a port-a-potty right in front of my house. It was very interesting to watch strange men head in and out of there through out the day. The sun shone through, and to make it even a little more awkward, you could sort of see their shadows. Not that I wanted to look. But every time I looked out the window, something else weird was going on. I received the following texts from neighbor friends:

Shawna - I like ur portapotty!

Marie - Thanks. I just really felt like I needed some strangers to poop in front of my house.

Shawna - Well aren't u kind!

Marie - Pretty much.

Shawna - I guess I should do more than just the LARGE HOLE in front of mine just in case someone gets confused.

Marie - Yours is more a wilderness latrine, really. With company and all, they will need a place to go.

Shawna - Don't say I don't plan ahead!

Marie - How could I ever say that after this level of preparation?

Then I received a text from Trina.

Trina - Nice porta potty!

Marie - Thank you. As I told Shawna, I've always wanted people to feel free to go poop in front of my house.

Later that day, Mandie sent a text:

Mandie - How do u like the potty in front of your house? That is interesting.

Marie - I have enjoyed watching perfect strangers stroll in there to do their duty throughout the day, I must admit.

Mandie - I'm sure that is so entertaining! It gave me a great laugh as I drove down the street!

What do these text conversations show us? That is was funny looking, and also that I am willing to recycle the same joke as often as necessary. Also, that I am not afraid of bathroom humor. I learned that trait from the Double B.

Liv had a great day playing with her cousin and partner in crime, Porter. She loves to play with him and loves hanging out at Aunt Trina's house. She and Aunt Trina had a few funny conversations. They went like this:

Trina - Guess what, we can't make Kool-Aid because there is no water. The city guys turned it off.

Livi - Well, guess what. There is still milk because cows never turn off... there is no switch!

And later... Liv - Girls can't marry girls or else we would just have lots and lots of kids... like two hundred!!!

What a funny kid. She is really a great joy.

Both of my daughters got lessons on being a lady yesterday. Last night Katelyn was spitting through her lips, and Grandma was talking to her about not doing that because she is a lady. I told her that was funny, because earlier in the day I'd had to tell Liv the same thing. Except in her case, she was laying on her bag with her legs clear above her head (she is very flexible in the hips), kicking herself in the bum and saying "Look, K.J., I can give myself a wedgie!" It was funny, but I told her, because I am her mother and it is my job, that ladies don't talk like that. She asked "How come, Mom? Do ladies not give themselves wedgies?"
Well, friends, I'm off to accomplish some good in the world today. Happy holiday week to you!

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