Monday, January 21, 2013

Barack's Big Day

Hi. I'd just like to say that I was another awesome success at dinner tonight. Olivia "loved" it. I immediately started to sing the national anthem, but that just confused her... so I didn't make it all the way through. This is like -- so much success that I hardly know how to handle myself! It was easy, too. You all know that it the way it has to be. Here is the recipe, because I'm so darn awesome.
Darling, Dearest Pintrest,
You have changed the very nature of our home life.
... Thank. You.

I think K.J. is getting ready for a major growth spurt. In the classic sign of such events, he is growing out... which usually proceeds that whole growing up thing. That's pretty crazy, because he is already up to my shoulders (this is impressive, because I am 5'9")! K.J. is still in that most delicious state of being my little guy. My buddy, my pal. I know this can't last forever, and probably won't last too much longer, actually. But I've been lucky. It's pretty funny having a giant cuddle up to you, but it's adorable, too. In many ways, I wish I could keep him here. But I wouldn't deny him the amazing experiences coming up for him, either. He is even getting the occasional blemish, and each one is just a true delight to him! Seriously. He is thrilled every time. So I guess I'll just enjoy these little moments when he delays going to bed by "needing to tell Dad something," walking through the house in his tighty whitey's and one black sock, carrying his sister's Dora book because he really needs something new to read. Sigh. Motherhood. It slays me. Let me tell ya.

I had a totally Marie moment earlier, where all of the sudden I was planning my obituary (it's a sickness, believe me. But it's family wide, so at least I'm not alone). I thought about what I would put in it if I wrote it myself, and I realized -- the only regret I would have is dropping dead too early. That's pretty impressive. It was a happy thought (in the middle of a semi-morbid one), because I felt it was my subconscious mind telling me "You've done good, kid." And I took it as a real compliment! As I've been building new friendships, I've been sharing information about myself I haven't needed to for a long time, since everyone I have known already knew it. It's made me think about old me and now me. And I've felt confident telling people I am happy with my choices to become a Mom instead of an actress. And. It's... true. I am happy about that (and eternally grateful for a mindful Heavenly Father who is willing to direct us in the way that will bring us our best happiness). And now I know that even subconscious Marie is happy about it! Hurrah.
Should I be sharing this?
I don't know. You all know I am special in the most special sense of the word. If you keep coming back... that's your own bag of tricks. I am not responsible for your time here.
Speaking of your time here, I am getting confused at the stats bar on my blog... you know, where it gives you your blog information? I think it is counting wrong... I don't have that many acquaintances, much less people who like me, or are interested enough to check up on me. If we are internet friends, could you please raise your hand? I'm... confundled. I mean, you are welcome here. Because heaven knows I like you. But... I don't get it. How about... if you read my blog, click the followers button? Or write me a love note in the comments? Or tell me that you don't mind that I don't wear makeup on a regular basis even though I have a birthmark on my cheek and only wear comfortable clothing and can't stand to wear a bra all day and totally would not be surprised if magic were real and always share too much information about myself and frequently write run-on sentences?
Thank you. That would be great.

You know what else I've noticed? I always write blog posts that are just too darn long. But I just keep doing it! Hm. Go figure.

Rather then watching the second inauguration of our Commander-in-Chief today, I sided with the British, and my children and I headed off into the freezing, bitter-cold falling snow to play with Bev (you know... my friend?) and her three children. It was fun. While together, we solved the plights of children everywhere and further healed the breech of the Revolutionary War (and of course the burning down of the White House during the War of 1812. But hey... one good turn deserves another). When we got home and Kate went down for her nap, K.J., Liv and I read our book about Martin Luther King, Jr., and watched his "I have a dream" speech on YouTube. We talked a lot about that great man. In the words of Olivia "he was a really good man... and he helped people." K.J. had actually learned a lot in school and told us some cool facts. We talked about how all of us are children of God, black, white, purple, orange, or turquoise... we are all brothers and sisters and must treat each other as such. Liv fell asleep close to the end of his speech (it had been a busy day!), and was disappointed to wake up after it was over to Brother telling her "You missed the last part, Liv... and it was SO GOOD!" My own brother Matt and I agree that Martin Luther King, Jr. was an incredibly inspired man. I always feel the spirit when I hear his speeches.
Then, feeling very patriotic, we watched the video of President Obama taking the oath of office. And then, of course, as you already know... dinner was a total success.

TTFN, friends.

P.S. Standing outside in the huge falling snowflakes, one landed on Kate's hair and YOU COULD SEE IT'S EXACT SHAPE. I've never seen that in real life. They look just like the pictures... about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Perfectly formed, an intricate, beautiful, star-like shape, weaved and glistening.
It was wild.


Tink said...

Really, I just posted a really awesome comment, and it didn't show up.

Tink said...

I miss you like crazy! KJ is going to be a foot taller than me before March! I don't know how to feel about that. I'm impressed with your adventureness ~is that a word~ I guess I should brave the elements (which are much nicer here than there) and get out of my house! Only trouble is, I usually leave my house to go to yours and you're not there any more. I haven't figured out where to go yet. So I just mostly stay home. NO adventure there! I miss you my friend.

Jen said...

Maybe some of your followers check your blog multiple times a day. I used to have time to do that. Before that third child was born, ie the end of the universe as we know it.