Wednesday, January 23, 2013

By Design

Katelyn has graciously agreed to be my interior designer.
This is,  of course, my shower. Newly decorated by Disney stars.
Heaven knows an interior designer would be a really good idea.
You know how some people have a natural eye for making their space beautiful? Me... not so much. Now, this is not me hating on Marie. Marie is a nice girl and has many talents. This just isn't one of them. Sometimes I stare at my empty walls and say "Hm." And then I put something on my walls, and I stare at it and say "Hm."
See what I mean?
It's a conundrum.
This week has been a continual conversation with myself about faith and works. Knowing how to walk that delicate line between trusting that the Lord can help and waiting on Him, or actively pursuing a solution myself. Does this make sense at all?
My mind has been spinning... similar to when I spun the tires of my truck on the ice on the road and got stuck. I've been trying to still my mind so I could hear a solution, but it's been tricky. Then this morning the thought occurred to me that maybe I was not approaching things from the right angle. So I went back to the drawing board and looked at the other option -- to pray, to wait, to trust. And I immediately felt still for the first time in days. I thought about this, mulling it to see if it felt right, and then went into my bedroom to pray. Katelyn wiggled her way between me and the bed, her only way to be patient while Momma prays. First I had to thank the Lord so much for this little ragamuffin -- she's a looney toon, and that's what we love about her -- and then I told him my impressions and asked if what I was feeling was correct and the direction he wanted me to go. And I felt total warmth in my heart and stillness in my mind. I took that as my answer. So I told him that I can trust him, and we'll go from here.
So that's today.
Hope yours is beautiful (not unlike my Disney-themed shower).

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Ducksoup said...

you are an inspiration.