Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Other News...

K.J. and I had a lovely conversation via text the other night. He kidnapped his Daddy's phone and took it into our bedroom while I sat next to the Double B on the couch. Basically, we were about thirty feet away from each other. You could hear him giggling hysterically throughout the whole thing. Here it is:
K.J. - Hi Mom
Marie - Hello, sweetheart.
K.J. - It's me kj
I love you mommy
Marie - Really? I thought it was Santa Claus!
I love you more then you know.
.K.J - Mom!!!!
I love so so so so much
Marie - KJ!!!
Thanks, buddy. I love you with my whole heart!
K.J. - Thanks mom
Marie - You're welcome, KJ.
K.J. - Mom
Marie - Yes?
K.J. - Mommy
Marie - KJ McFreddy Pants
And... scene.
That was pretty much the conversation until I went to a game night (I know? Right? Friends!) and I received several texts from him informing me he was feeling sick and dizzy. I then asked him if he had talked to daddy about it? The answer: not yet. Haha. I told him to go talk to Daddy. And then I got this beautiful picture sometime later:
Being a Mom... sigh. The absolute best!
In other news, this was my view last night during family movie night.
Not a bad view at all. 
In other news, Olivia lost another tooth! Her third.
All three lost with the assistance of an apple.
Her theory is, it worked once, it will work again.
So she eats another apple. And it works! 
You'll be glad to know the tooth fairy came.
Phew! HUGE relief for all of us!
(Side note: See those finger-toes in the background? They are mine.
I've gotten lots of comments on those toes through the years, but let me just say --
I love them. Seriously. They are so functional.
And I actually think they are cute.
If anything, I have an ego about my feet. I hope we can still be friends.)
In other, more important news, I'd like you to meet Princess Pop Star
and Baby Pop Star: 
There is not one single thing I don't adore about this picture or these crazy kids.
Have a good one. 

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