Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trench Warfare

 So basically, this is how Battle Potty-Training is going:
Mommy: 0
Katelyn: 1,000,001
Yesterday afternoon Katelyn was keeping me company as I went through Olivia's toys (honestly, didn't we just move? Has it really come to that already?). I asked her "Do you want to put your pee in the toilet?" She jumped up and yelled "No, a bear do it!" and ran out of the room. When I got to the bathroom this is the picture waiting for me. So adorkable. She is apparently an amazing potty coach, because I'm pretty sure Bear went.  She is not yet a potty champ herself, though. But that day is coming, Rocky style! 
After several pee in the underwear scenarios and absolutely zero pees in the potty, things are not looking so good. I ask her if she wants to go sit on the potty and she very, very politely tells me "No, thank you!"
This is so us, Katelyn and I. I talked to my sister Trina this morning -- Trina has four children, so I can go to her for advice -- about our crisis. We talked about how Katelyn's pediatrician told me DO NOT FORCE HER, but I read all these blogs about Mommy's who train their kids at 18 months in just three days and I get confundeled. Trina listened to all my very intelligent points and then oh so kindly said it sounds like Katelyn is just not ready.
Dang it.
I think she is right (this is usually the case, let's be honest).
Some people are potty training gurus, but I'm not one of them. I'm a potty training idiot, even though this is my third time in the trenches. I have decided to work with my daughter the individual and not worry about what other people think.
Which is funny I would EVER worry about that, because what other people do I see? I'm employed full time as my children's Mother, so basically, I see them -- and the Double B for a few hours in the evening -- and then the people I go to church with on Sunday. And let's not forget my friend, Bev! I saw Bev last night, and I'll see her again tonight for a Relief Society meeting. So I do see Bev... I mean, let's clear things up here. Putting things in context, I guess I can stop worrying what other people think about my mad skills as a potty trainer. Of course, there are you guys. But you're my friends and you're here by your own choice. So I won't worry about you, either.
Just me and Kate the Great, changing diapers through the Millennium. Or until she's ready to put her pee in the toilet, I guess. 
It is raining a beautiful steady rain today. Yesterday as I was picking the kids up from school there was a huge sun dog (you know -- a rainbow circle around the sun?), which of course, means a storm is coming. Everybody knows that. Or if you are a friend that has mocked me, let's just say that everybody from Nephi, Utah knows that. So as I admired the sun dog waiting for my children I thought "Hm... I'll have to check the weather forecast. There must be a storm on the way." And there was. I know this because this morning there is rain! (I have great powers of deductive reasoning, I think we can all go ahead and agree about that one.) I don't mind the rain. It's much more awesome then the snow. However; Olivia loves both. This morning as we headed off to school she very enthusiastically told me "I just love [the town that we live in]! It has winter, and I just love seeing all of the seasons!" That's good. Somebody has to love winter.
Mounds of laundry are waiting for me. Mounds. But that's okay. That's what they pay me the big bucks for! Have a good day, friends. You are so loved.


Elise said...

Everyone is a potty training idiot. Those people who say they are potty training gurus and brag about potty training their kids at 18 months are full of it, I say. Even if the kid WAS potty trained at 18 months, it isn't because the trainer was a guru.
It is because the kid was ready. For we ALL know that kids will pee when and where they dang well want to.

And yes, SOMEBODY has to love winter. That person is not me. :( Come back, summer!

Tara said...

None of mine potty trained until they were 3. I'm sure Tyler will be the same so I don't even attempt until they are almost 3. Good luck with the battle. That's my most dreaded part of their childhood.

Ducksoup said...

oh rie, how did i miss this post? today was my lucky day i got to read two posts. happy b-day olivia! so fun!! and guess what went to the neighbors house the other day (to phil and leslie, like 78 year olds) and took maci in panties. she peed and then sat on their carpet. and then there was a wet spot. very embarrassing. then leslie told me she potty trained her kids before they could walk. and she wasn't kidding. i still don't even understand. and just for your info, i got to clean up poop all over the carpet today. very disgusting. so our potty training is going about like that :). has not figured out the poop in the toilet very good. been cleaning up lots of clothes that were pooped in. so good luck rie. we will try and send some your way and hope we get some too.

Ducksoup said...

and thank you for explaining what a sun dog was. i had no idea. i guess they didn't teach us such things in mona, utah.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

A sun dog? I'm choosing not to believe item...too weird. Funny post my friend, you should feel success with the bear though...that's a whole guru in itself!

Jen said...

I am a potty training idiot, too, but here are my words of encouragement.