Monday, February 11, 2013


Professor Katelyn, hard at work at Bev's house.
Hello, loved ones! This is Kansas City, offering you greetings as the sun shines beautifully.
I love the sun. I really, really do. The sun and I are practically dating.
Yesterday at church I had heard several mentions of the "spring-like" weather. WHHHHHAT? Forties are not spring-like. That's still winter-like. Give me sixty, and we will talk spring. Spring... sigh. So the sun shines today and the wind stops. I think in an attempt to woo me. And... it is working.
The Double B will not mind. He is very understanding about this sort of thing.
Today is Family Home Evening. It was one of the first things Livi mentioned to me this morning... she is a real fan, and was very anxious to hear what we might be doing. I have not yet solved the mystery, but her enthusiasm is much appreciated! The problem I have is finding the right balance between what the kids want and what the Double B can take. While (seriously) one of the best human beings it has ever been my privilege to know (much less make out with), he really has a stick up his hind quarters about FHE. If I don't get it just right, I have to listen to him moan and sigh and huff on the couch. And really, I'd rather run over my own foot then deal with that, because it is just that grating on my nerves. Isn't marriage awesome? You have this person that you are so absolutely mad about that you are chemically attuned to them... while at the same time developing allergies to some of their behaviors. Absolutely fascinating.
I love the Double B. Wildly.
Work is so stressful for him. So, so stressful. In fact, for a person who is laid-back and cheery by nature, going on four months of extreme stress is starting to really wear him down. So if he needs to moan and sigh and huff about Family Home Evening tonight, I'm just going to go with it.
I am convinced that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the stress, though. I believe God expects us to grow and can move us into a situation that can help us accomplish that, but I don't believe he will move us into a situation that will destroy us. So, I will just keep taking my job seriously as the person who attempts to make his home a heaven on earth. That will probably help more then anything, don't you think?
Saturday we went down to Costco to visit Daddy, and on the way home we drove by the stunning LDS temple. So gorgeous. I always try to turn the music off and sing a primary song about the temple or talk about it for a minute. This time I said "I just love the temple. It makes me feel so peaceful inside when I see it." K.J. answered right away "I know!!! It gives me a feeling like I could move mountains!"
I thought that was such a beautiful thing. We talked about how what he is feeling is faith! He thought that was pretty awesome, and then asked me if I thought it was true that you could really move a mountain if you had enough faith. I told him I KNOW that it is true -- it has actually happened in the scriptures! If you have enough faith, and you need that mountain to move, it will move.
I think this applies to physical mountains and the mountains in our lives, too. So move over, mountains. We're busting our way through!
'Til next time. 


Elise said...

So much to comment on...

Katelyn's rollerskate shirt. I WANT ONE. For ME.

The whole FHE paragraph...that is SO my family. Only I'm the Ben in our scenario.

40s is spring weather?! Ha ha ha ha! I feel for you, internet BFF Marie. It's like 50 here today and I'm dying. DYING, I say! When will summer get here?!

Tink said...

Katie is getting so big!!! What the heck!