Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 This girl could, in fact, be the sweetest girl to ever grace this planet.
Just chillin' in the school drop-off line.
Valentine's plans are in high gear around here. Since moving half way across the world (okay... several states away... whatever.), it has given us an opportunity to really access our family traditions and begin some if there wasn't much there. That kind of happens when you're by yourself. Fas..cinating. Valentine's Day has always been much beloved and involved a Valentine gift from Mom and Dad, but we've decided to really make it a fun family holiday. Scouring Pinterest (that greatest of all inventions), I've gotten some pretty fun ideas for a Valentine's dinner, and I've been hoarding ideas for little Valentine's to put on their plates. I am hoping it will be a fun new tradition and something they can love and look forward to.
I've also done what several people I know have done -- at the beginning of the month started putting up little hearts in their room with things I love about them written on them. They love that -- especially Olivia. It is interrupting her sleep, she loves it so much! She says she keeps waking up at night to see if I've put the heart on the wall yet.
Thankfully, we have friends now (can I get a woot! woot!) who so graciously watched Katelyn so we could go on a lunch date yesterday, since it was the Double B's day off. It was our first date least four months. It was fun, except it was on a day where we were both sort of chill and didn't have much to say. I told the Double B this was not boding well for us as we stared at each other across the table at The Olive Garden. We have been together 11 years, and we are out of conversation topics. And we have an eternity to go!!! That lit the fire under him, and we thought of some groovy topics to keep things rolling after that. Really, it was so nice to just be together. And it was in my sweetie pie's favorite restaurant (I'm not a big fan)... because I was trying to romance him.
Lots of fun.
I've always sort of liked V-Day. The opportunity to tell the people I love that I love them? SOLD.
Kate is enjoying The Fresh "Beat Band!!!" (as she says it) in the other room... the singing makes me feel a little violent after awhile, so we shall commence playing now. In closing, I would just like to confess that I had parent teacher conference for K.J. last night (he is doing great -- finally settling in and feeling like he belongs, and his work is showing that. So grateful for that!) and so did not watch The State of the Union speech. It was politically irresponsible, perhaps. But I have seen a few pictures of the faces pulled behind and around the President, and let me just say... "BWAH-HA-HA!!!" These politicians. They just keep cracking me up! I have great hopes that no matter our political persuasion, we can all overcome our differences for the greater good.
This may take the millennium to achieve, but hey...
Just living the dream.
Dear Checks and Balances system,
I love you. Get to work!
Love, Marie.
Bye, Friends.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that you have a blog stocker in brasil!!!! SICK! Also it is not valentines day in brasil so I choose not to celebrate! tchau