Wednesday, February 27, 2013

900 Days Later...

 Is it too early to say that I actually loathe snow?
It is still snowing -- 900 days later. No school again today -- that makes four out of the last five school days, we have been paralyzed -- by snow! Snow, snow, snow, snow!I think my children are seriously considering just retiring from school and taking up the easy life. I adore having my little chickens with me, but they really are bored -- and it's not like they can go outside for long stretches.
For some reason, "they" (meaning the government as a whole, I guess) do not plow my street. That means that there is more then a foot of snow, just sitting there waiting to destroy every car that tries to make travel possible. I watched a car stuck this morning, as several kind people came out of their houses to help shovel it out. People here are sincerely kind, so that is super awesome. I really don't know why they don't do something about my street. The street going down to our house splits into two cul-de-sacs. The OTHER cul-de-sac is plowed, but not ours. I personally think that is strange. Did one of my neighbors do something to make a city official angry? Did I do something to make a city official angry? ...So many mysteries! We have not had garbage service in two weeks. Mail service in almost a week. It's like the weather has written some beautiful sky-writing for me, that says:
You know those storms you keep hearing about on the news that are crippling the great plains? Yeah. That's us.
So exciting.
The awesome thing is, I know this is a huge answer to prayers for the thousands and thousands of farmers and ranchers out here. These last two storm systems have made a huge difference in the terrible drought they have been struggling through. The weather man says, one more good storm like the last two and they should be good. We've had our yearly snow pack in a week. Sure -- twelve more inches of snow -- I can take it! I am happy to know that Heavenly Father answers prayers for all of us, even if it is not always convenient for selfish people like Marie.
But still.
Snow -- go away for now. Please.
I have written the snow a letter:
Dear Snow,
Please stop now. Enough is enough.
I am concerned that you have mental issues, and now I have mental issues because of you.
I am over your presence in my life.
Let's break up.
It's not me, it's you.
Kindly take yourself back to the North Pole where you belong.
Santa and all the little Elf people miss you and want you back!
You have overstayed your welcome here.
Not to be rude.
But sometimes I am compelled to speak the truth.
Your Ex,
You know one good thing about the snow?
It convinces Daddy to buy some cupcakes, because no one else is coming into Costco to buy them. So my children get to eat cupcakes while listening to Mommy read them Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. And we have all day long to do it.
So that's pretty cool.  
Life is good. Let's enjoy it.


Tink said...

I wish I was snowed in with you....then I could eat cupcakes and listen to you read me stories!

Elise said...

They don't plow your street?!

I would never go anywhere. I have a paralyzing fear of driving in snow. Maybe the snowplow driver was drunk and angry that day? I always blame my problems on angry drunks. Them, and my children (who sometimes behave like angry drunks).

COSTCO CUPCAKES?! I can't tell you how delicious that sounds right now on this fast Sunday morning.

Here's hoping the snow clears! You deserve some sunshine.

Kyle, Alicia, and Jaxson said...

I agree with you about snow. Seriously, I am NOT a fan at all! Some people, when it snows think: 'yay it's snowing' me: 'oh crap, it's snowing' . Hang in there spring is on it's way I'm sure!