Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Storm

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a Winter Storm.

A real life, honest to goodness, Winter Storm.

We sat and watched the fury for hours... it was absolutely fascinating! The kids loved it, because they thought it was just "like being in a snow globe!" Which, really, it was.

It came just as fast and furious as they said... we got about a foot, and that was probably in about five hours. We were so thankful to be safe in our strong, warm house. And we got to keep our power! Not to be underestimated!
They closed Costco right after opening, and the Double B's commute that normally takes half of an hour took two. I, of course, was trying not to be worried sick. He had the time of his life! He is such a weirdo. Honestly. But our prayers were answered and he made it safe and sound, and we spent the rest of the day and the next day holed up and enjoying the time together. Of course, school was cancelled both Thursday and Friday. It was super fun to have the kids AND the Double B, all to myself.
With the sun shining on Friday, it was time to head out! Liv and I built a snowman! The snow doesn't really roll here, so we compacted a snowman, basically. But we are proud. Very, very proud.
We made snow angels and had races and threw snowballs. We had a gay old time. I didn't even cry when the Double B pelleted me! In fact, I was a super sport and really waged it out. Actually, it was probably the first snow war I have engaged in since my family moved from Central Utah when I was twelve. I think the looming 30 is making me cooler. I seriously do. I have a desire to have more fun.
K.J. punching the snow! Lego Ninja style!

 Quite frankly, I think the Double B thought I was super hot as I got sabatoged and attacked by the neighbor girls and took many snowballs in the face trying to get my revenge. I don't know how I know... I just know. He practically asked me on a date right then and there. I practically asked myself on a date.

Daddy and Liv built a snow fort! It was pretty darn fun. They used all the surrouding snow and went to it! It is standing proudly right outside Mommy and Daddy's bedroom window as we speak.
It was a great adventure.
Unfortunately for Marie and Kansas City as a whole, really, there is another winter storm moving in that is supposed to wreck Monday, too. No one is particularly excited, especially the Governor, who would probably like to lift the State of Emergency for dear old Missouri. School will probably be cancelled again... that or they will have to eventually plow my road, because otherwise we're not going anywhere. Ah... winter. I am happy to experience you Midwest-style. But really. Get the heck out of here.
Dear Southern Utah,
I can not help but harbor the dream that one day,
I will reattain your mild plateau winters,
blazing summers, and low humidity.
Our families being there may have some sway there, as well.
This is not for the faint of heart.
Love, Marie.


Elise said...

That snow fort is fantastic! I mean really -KUDOS! I think if I were there I'd watch from inside and the warm safety of my couch.

I hope you have just as much fun with Monday's storm. :)

Tara said...

I agree the fort is awesome. I'm jealous! We had snow today too but not that much. I hope you enjoyed your storm today.