Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Brief Synopsis

We're back, and oh boy, did we have a marvelous time!
 We went to the ocean:
Which was, of course, universally adored. Olivia really loved it, but Katelyn was willing to become one with it.  We had to watch her like a hawk, and we took many tumbles with her -- since she wanted to get out far enough that it would sweep right over her head and try to sweep her away! She thought it was hilarious. Of course.
We went to Disneyland:
Seriously, the Happiest Place On Earth (at least for Marie). It was uber fun to go with family. K.J. loves the usual rides and was the only one brave enough to go on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with me. Olivia ADORES Space Mountain (right!??), went on it two times in a row, but refused to ride Alice in Wonderland because it looked too scary. And Katelyn? She keeps talking about the lady bugs in Bug's Land, but she really loved Pirates of the Caribbean, too (I know. How cool is that?).
We celebrated Easter with both families:
This is the Double B and his parents.
Festivites included family reunions and Easter egg hunts. So fun. Of course, it went way too fast, and here we are again in Kansas City where it just started SNOWING. Now read that again, in the most filthy, vulgar voice you can think of, like SNOWING is the most vile word you could ever imagine. It's SNOWING here. Right now. Go ahead and ask me how I feel about that.
One great side benefit, Katelyn is now speaking English. That week in mixed company really did something for her speaking abilities, and we can't believe the improvement. She has been speaking full sentences (that I can understand!) all morning. How cool is that?
I could share so much about all the goings on, and I'm sure I will. But for now, just know that it was fun, I'm 30, and we're back here where we can learn whatever lesson we're supposed to be learning.
The End. 

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