Monday, March 4, 2013

Tooth Fairy

On the way to school this morning, Olivia sang a rousing rendition of "All I Want For Easter Is My Two Front Teeth." It's an updated version of an old classic.
Yep, she is the toothless wonder. That is three teeth in about two weeks. It's funny how front teeth seem to go in pairs, isn't it? I'm no dentist, but I'm willing to venture out and say it must have something to do with the structure of the teeth there.
That's right. I ventured out and said it.
Liv is a tooth warrior. She is way brave, willing to submit to all kinds of efforts to pull out teeth hanging by a thread, all while her big brother screams and runs out of the room -- every single time. I couldn't get this one yesterday, though. It was pretty much out, except one stubborn corner, and no matter how I twisted and pulled, it just wouldn't budge, and was starting to make her gum sore. She was starting to dislike the process, which is not what you want, right parents? (For the record: I do not enjoy getting out teeth. It totally grosses me out, but my husband is MORE grossed out, so somehow it falls to me.) Anyhow, when it was almost time for bed and the tooth was still there, I told her it was time to bring in Daddy -- I was all out of tools in my arsenal. So, she got Daddy, and he got the pliers. We all gathered around, K.J. hopping in terror in the corner, Olivia calm as a cucumber. Daddy wrapped a cloth around her tooth so she didn't have to have pliers right on there, asked her if he had any of her lip or anything. She shook her head no, and POP! He yanked that thing right out in one sharp tug! Out! Done! Gone! I don't know why, but this struck me as hilariously funny. I actually guffawed. For I don't know -- a ridiculous amount of time. It's just the suddenness of it, I guess, but it really struck my funny bone. Livi thought it was funny, too. She laughed with me. And then Katelyn laughed like something was hilarious, too, because Katelyn loves to be in on the joke. It was super funny. It actually makes me chuckle just writing about it. Heh heh.
Olivia was thrilled to have another tooth out to show her teacher, and thrilled to know the tooth fairy was back en route to her house. Poor tooth fairy. Olivia is single handedly breaking the tooth fairies bank! Every time this happens, I hear all about how there is a kid in Olivia's class who gets TWO DOLLARS for one tooth, and K.J. informs us he has a friend back in Utah who gets TEN DOLLARS every tooth. And every time, I say "Wow. That's not our tooth fairy!" And confusion ensues. We figure there must be more then one tooth fairy.
Before bed Liv wanted to write her tooth fairy a note to go with her tooth. She asked me to act as scribe. It was a beautiful note, and luckily I kept a copy of it since the tooth fairy has the original. It says:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I hope you can bring my dollar very soon!
I hope you like your tooth and I hope you like mine, too!
I really like you, and do you have jars to organize your tooths?
I love you.
To: Tooth Fairy. From: Olivia.
Isn't that nice? I thought so. She was happy the tooth fairy got her note this morning, but bummed the tooth fairy didn't leave a note back for her.
Sometimes the tooth fairy probably wishes she had more of a feel for what little minds are anticipating instead of just being happy she made it to the delivery at all! Oh, well. I guess the tooth fairy just hasn't got it all together yet! That must mean there is hope for the rest of us.
It isn't snowing. At least for today. Everyone, shout HURRAY! And go have a great day.

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*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I love how when I read your writing I actually hear you! I love it! Great story...

I was hoping for a returned note as well...

Comment to you soon- Sista Richins