Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to Time Out For Women, Kansas City style. This is my friend Bev. She has totally saved my life. Now give her a British accent. Isn't she adorable?
It was completely amazing! Filled my bucket way back up and inspired me so much. It seemed like so many of the messages shared were tailor-made for Special Marie. The Spirit instructed me and the speakers seemed to have the messages needed to help me redirect my thinking exactly where needed (and let's face it, it was needed!).  Time Out For Women is one of my very favorite things in the whole world. I adore it! I am thankful that the Double B takes it all in stride. He gets the weekend off work and has some quality time with the kiddos. He is a great Dad.
I am so thankful to be a woman. I have always felt a little bit like "I am Woman, hear me roar." While I truly love, adore, and admire my male counterparts, I am thankful to know that my Father in Heaven has a very special place in His heart for His daughters -- including me. That is when knowledge is power!
One of the speakers, Richie Norton, talked about becoming our Authentic Selves. He explained this as our authentic self is really our spirit self -- the person we are at our very, very best -- more glorious, kind, and powerful then we can imagine. We don't realize this and have a hard time reaching it because we put all these issues into play in our lives. But at the core, at our truth, we are reaching closer to that Authentic Self and who we really are and who we really can become. I appreciated this, because I have been trying to strip down all the pretenses I have built up and just acknowledge and speak my truth. I don't have anything to hide or be embarrassed about -- which I know deep down -- but is sometimes hard to put out there. But I also know when I let myself and everyone else see what is really there, I am stronger and better -- hence, closer to who I am really meant to be. It validated those feelings and reinforced my desire to be Marie and let that be good enough. Because I know Marie, and she is always trying to be kinder and better. So flaws and all, she is nothing to be afraid of.
This has seriously been the most interesting journey.
Look, it's Cowgirl Tinkerbell and the Best Big Sister in the World!
My daughters... sigh. Dang cutest things that ever were! Theirs is a wonderful partnership.
So, thanks to a wonderful weekend and a series of interesting events, I feel better able to be the Mom I want to be, the wife I love to be, the daughter of God I desire to be, and to bloom where I'm planted. Here's hoping! 


Elise said...

How I've missed my friend Marie!

So I've caught up on the last month-worth of Marie blog posts. I have a lot of comments and they're all getting dumped into this one comment because I'm lazy.

Heart-shaped rocks: My son saves them for me. I save them wherever he brings them to me - in my closet, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car. I have heart rocks all over my house.Every time I stub a toe on one I think, "I AM LOVED! I AM LOVED!" instead of swearing.

Your anxiety: I'm so sorry. I think I get you though. I've dealt with driving-in-snow anxiety. It's enough to make me completely irrational and make my heart feel ready to explode. Not enjoyable at all. :(

You said something about feeling like you're floating over your life. At least, that's how I interpreted it. That struck a chord with me. I've had that feeling often until recently.

Finally, midwestern tornado-producing storms: Call me crazy, but I love them. The lightening. The giant rain that blows in sideways. The sound of hail on the roof. I'll take it!

We're moving to Kentucky this summer for our usual summer adventure. Save some storms for me! I'll be passing through KC at the end of May. I'll think of you.And if it's not raining I'll roll down my windows and yell, "Hi Marie" from I-70. Listen for it. :)

Ducksoup said...

riese-head. i love you! thank goodness for some marie posts. you are the only blog i even check anymore. so fun you went to time out for women. i want to go to that with you someday. and your girls are darling. and you are the best mom ever - - reassuring k.j. and making him feel like a million bucks. you rock rie. sure love you!