Thursday, April 25, 2013

Morning Report

 This was my view picking up K.J. from Scouts last night:
Pretty amazing, right? This is the Kansas City, Missouri temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We go to church in the stake center right next to the temple, so every Sunday and every activity night -- there it is. Luckiest! It is so inspiring. If you sit in just the right spot during Sacrament Meeting, you can look over at it through the big beautiful windows in the chapel. It is a very beautiful temple. Granted, they all are amazing structures, but I have a fondness for this magnificent building. It stands proudly in the middle of the rolling hills, a gleaming testament to faith and love and family. Especially at night -- when you are driving down the freeway in the darkness -- it's brilliant light takes your breath away and flutters your heart.
Pretty awesome.
Scouts is every other Wednesday night, along with Activity Days for the girls, and mutual for the teenagers. That church is one happening place! Being from Utah where mutual is on Tuesdays and the other events just take place on afternoons during the week, it is tricky to remember how it is run out here. Of course, for most of the middle and southern halves of the country, this is how it works: every faith tradition gathers on Wednesday nights. So it's just a matter of remembering.
We have this big beautiful Baptist church just down the road from us. It's a big one -- several different congregations meet there and there are several preachers. You should see that place hoppin' on Wednesdays! I love the Baptists. I really do. I like every one I've ever met.
 Here is a great Liv and Kate story:
Last night Olivia was having one of her pity parties. They are very sad, really. I admire her persistence -- she can cry for as long as she feels necessary! And that can be a very long time. She goes up to her room, climbs under the covers, and weeps and wails until someone saves her. And then, usually, you help her feel better and she goes right back under the covers and weeps and wails again! Crazy kid. The funny thing is, she won't tell you she's sad half the time -- she just goes and assumes the position! This was the case last night. K.J. came downstairs and said "Mom, Livi's crying." I sighed, because I knew this meant business. I called her down and pulled her on my lap while the little sobs racked her body. She was sad because today is Take Your Child To Work Day, but Daddy can't take them to his work -- even though he feels bad -- because the machines are too dangerous and he couldn't get permission to do it. She didn't want to be comforted -- the truth was just too awful. So I gave her some little tickles until we had some giggles in there. At that point, Katelyn came running into the room and saw Livi was crying. She gasped "Oh, no! Livi crying! Livi sad!" She scrambled up onto the couch and said "Come here, Livia. Come here, Livia!" And beckoned Liv over. I said "I think she wants to give you a hug, Liv." But when Liv came over, Kate tried to pull her up on her lap! She patted and comforted her, "I sorry you sad, Livi. Don't be sad. It's okay, Livia. Don't cry, Livi. Don't cry, Livi!" Patting and loving her all the while. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Thankfully I got this little picture, which totally melts my heart. After I took Liv up to help me make rolls (she loves nothing more then being the kitchen helper), Kate kept coming up to check on her "You not crying, Livia? Don't be sad, Livi." And she would grab Olivia's hand and kiss it! Sigh. Happy, happy Mom. She cheered Olivia right up, too. It worked great!
So, to tattle on myself: this morning I was reading my scriptures. It was a good morning read, I felt like I was able to concentrate and learn some good things. Then, Katelyn dropped a big soft wad of butter onto the carpet and I screamed and yelled like a crazy woman! Then after cleaning it back up, I had to schlep back to my scriptures sheepishly. This is the story of my life: two steps forward, one step back. But at least I'm trying!

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Ducksoup said...

cutest little picture and the story behind it melts my heart. nothing like baby sister looking after you. and way to make rolls. wow! i do that now and again but on just a regular old weekday that is above and beyond! that temple looks beautiful. wow! how awesome you get to see it so often. love yah die!