Monday, April 8, 2013


Ah... the great joy I feel that my daughters have a sister.
Now if only K.J. could have a brother -- he feels the dearth. I tell him that if God did decided to give our family another baby, it wouldn't necessarily be a brother. I mean, we would LOVE for K.J. to have a brother. But there are no guarantees. He feels it is worth the Russian Roulette. Now if I could just gather the necessary courage...
We've had a few fun girls moments around these parts.
This is Liv, home from her primary pizza party, sporting her cool mustache. Katelyn really loved that mustache!
 On Saturday night, Daddy took KJ on their guy's night. Liv really wanted to still have fun together, maybe watch a movie, but first sing songs and pretend we were on a rocket ship. While we were singing Grandpa's 'Pussy Willow' song, Katelyn ran and jumped on the bed with us to sing along, like she does anytime we sing a Grandpa song. As we were singing, she climbed on my legs behind Olivia and started playing with Olivia's hair. Trying hair do's, stroking it, trying to put it up. It was the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. And once again, I thought how happy I am that my girls have each other. I can just picture them as teenagers, trying out different hairstyles on each other.
Fact: we may never get our pictures hung on our wall. Seriously. This is tragic. 
The other night while Olivia was at her previously mentioned party and KJ was enjoying a play date with his Missouri BFF Lauryn, the Double B and I took Katelyn with us to go purchase a few flowers to start filling the ring the Double B made around our tree. While at Lowe's, the friendly check-out teenage boy said hello to Kate and tried to talk to her. As Katelyn has been extremely aware of the male species since birth and can barely handle it -- she's a swooner -- she instantly wanted me to pick her up and cuddle into my shoulder. When he started talking to BB, Kate took my face in her hands and stage whispered "Oh, no! It's the Prince!" We all started to laugh, but I think that teenager was pretty flattered. Heck, he should have been!
Parenting. Let me tell ya.

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