Tuesday, April 16, 2013

* Bullet Paragraphs

* First off, I don't understand anyone wanting to hurt innocent people. The explosions at the Boston Marathon just boggle my mind. Why, why, why? What is the point? The fact of the matter is, I live a very sheltered life -- one I have chosen for myself -- where there is much good and the kindness and the great goodness in the vast majority of people is immediately obvious. I guess that is part of why when something like this is shoved into your face and you are forced, once again, to acknowledge that evil exists and is alive and well -- it just sucks. I loathe you, Evil. Get over yourself. I say this in the most hostile, I-mean-it way possible.

* I have a giant stick up my bum today. The Double B and I are at a little bit of a stressful time in our lives. And that is okay. Who isn't? Then to make things fun, last night a cell phone was dropped without the case and the screen shattered. $200 repair. Why? Because I was not smart enough to buy the insurance plan. I just decided to live la vida loca, and it bit me in my bum. Really hard, and let me tell you -- it hurt. Then this morning I realized I had to run right to the bank and stop the train with my bare hands. Then on the WAY to the bank, Katelyn thought it would be hilarious to open her door while driving down the road at forty miles per hour. Let me tell you, she got reamed. You know how when your children are in a dangerous situation you get FURIOUS? Okay... maybe that's just me. But I was screaming like a banshee, holding the door closed while trying to get off the road to save my diabolical two-year-old. I am... so, so special. I have taken my B12, said my prayers, read my scriptures, and am hoping for a quick recovery. May the giant stick be pulled out soon. Spazzies -- please raise your hand.

* One thing about it, Katelyn is a very determined, adventurous person. This will be an incredible asset to her in her life. I can't wait to know her as an adult, because I truly think she is going to be absolutely FABULOUS. I foresee her being very funny, very loving, very strong, and very active.

* Severe storm warnings for today and tomorrow. I love you, Midwest!

* Olivia has started a new bedtime tradition. As she is waiting for me to tuck her in, she arranges herself in the middle of her bed with a sparkly baton, then when I arrive she tells me we are ready to start our engines for the speed race. So I climb in next to her, she counts down from ten, I push the super speed button, and we spend about thirty seconds flinging right to left, left to right as she uses the baton as a steering wheel. She brightens up every day! She is also currently in a competition with herself to find the best comparison to how much she loves whomever she is talking to. "I love you more then all the dress-ups in all the world!" "I love you more then I love ICE CREAM!" "I love you more then I love hugs and kisses!" She has a very generous spirit.

* K.J. has been making progress. One night after Olivia had earned the Principal's Award and the Character Award from her teacher, he was feeling pretty down on himself laying in bed. We are so proud of Olivia for her accomplishments, and of course, we celebrate them! But being human, even though he knows Mom and Dad are so proud of him, too, and he was happy for her -- he was a little envious, too. That is something we all work on, of course! But he was feeling down because math is really a struggle for him. Those times tables are just so hard, and he has his Mom's imagination, so sometimes it is really hard for him to stay focused on the task at hand, which sort of complicates things further. He has struggled to recognize how smart he really is! Well, that night as he was laying in bed, I felt impressed to tell him again about Mom and Dad's standards -- that as long as you are doing your best -- working hard on and turning in all of your assignments, and trying to listen and learn and stay focused -- we are so happy. Not every answer has to be right. If you are just doing your best -- we couldn't be prouder. I put my arms around him and he looked into my eyes, his favorite way to find reassurance. I told him we are so proud of the truly excellent boy he is -- the very best nine-year-old I know! He was so happy! And every day since he has mentioned he'll do his very best as I drop them off, or has come home and told me something new he learned that day. It's funny how I took for granted that K.J. just knew that we were crazy about him and who he was and his best efforts. Just that reminder has made a big difference so far. I love that kid like crazy! It's so strange to have him be such a growing and changing boy. He already gets so embarrassed when I kiss his cheek or forehead at bedtime and no longer offers his own little kisses back. Too old, I guess. Ah, time!

* That's it. The end. Finished. Off to keep my eye on the sky until I get this prairie thing down like everyone else out here!

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Tara said...

Aiden struggles a little to remember his times tables so we bought a dice game called Math Dice for around $5 on amazon. I don't play the actual game with him so much right now. We take the two 12 sided dice and roll them and practice the times tables. After we have done it several minutes then I challenge him and the first one to get 5 or 10 answers right first wins. If we tie we just call it neutral and nobody gets a point. You could also make a little path and a game piece and see who can get to the finish line first. All of my kids like to join in. Bransen sits on my lap and I whisper the answer to him. It has helped a lot with Aiden's desire to practice and I think it's helping. We play for a few minutes each day. Sorry you've had a rough day. I hope it's better soon.