Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Fam

 It is finally, finally, a beautiful spring.
We have learned that in Kansas City that includes lots, and lots, and lots of rain. However; since this rain has saved the great plains from a terrible drought, we'll take it. Plus, I guess I'm just getting used to it -- doesn't really bother me anymore! Miracle One.
This morning it was Ride Your Bike To School Day, and being the faithful citizens that we are, we hopped on the ol' scooters and away we went. We're supposed to have scattered thunder storms today and it is very wet and cloudy, but come rain or shine -- we were riding our scooters. It was actually beautiful... fifty-six degrees... and ninety percent humidity. So I still came home drenched in sweat! It's like it's raining even when it's not raining... weird! (Interesting Side Note: I totally saw a little girl get hit on her bike today. It was intense. But she's okay. So thankfully it's only an interesting side note!)
On Monday we had our very first hot dog roast in our very own fire pit -- it was so fun! It was a great Family Home Evening, because the kids ran around and played, we visited together, and somehow a fire just always makes things cooler. We even had s'mores! Go ahead -- you can tell us we're the coolest parents ever! I told the kids we were all going to give the lesson. I told them about how President Thomas S. Monson often talks about having an attitude of gratitude, and how I have had a personal witness in my life that having that gratitude in your heart is critical. So I invited everyone to share three things they were grateful for.
Olivia was, of course, the very sweetest. She just has such a huge spirit. She wanted to start, and here is a pretty good recreation of what she said: "I am grateful that Jesus made the trees -- well -- that Jesus made the seeds so we could have these beautiful trees behind us! I love them so much! I am grateful for my family, and I love you all soooo much. And I am grateful that I can learn and grow at school. I don't always like to go, but I am glad I get to learn!"
She has such a specific way of talking -- love it.
K.J. was next. His gratitude list was not quite as thoughtful (it's so strange and fun to watch him morph into this young man), but he did put in his plug for Mom. He said I was the number one thing he is grateful for, but of course, I think what he REALLY wanted was for me to list him as number one on my list! He's so funny -- he's always trying to get me to say that A) I have a favorite child, and B) that it's him. The Double B doesn't think that is so great, and always gets after him that Mom and Dad don't HAVE a favorite child, we love all our kids equally. But I just have to laugh, because I remember my brothers and I always trying to get our parents to "slip" that we were their favorite one.
Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and so once the kids were in bed I went out to sit on the deck and enjoy the evening, and called my Mom to chat. Of course, the kids have a hard time going to sleep with daylight savings time, so they'd keep sneaking out with various excuses. But when Liv snuck out with this masterpiece, I about died. It's a picture she made for her teacher. It is "Super Chipmunk to the Rescue!"  
She is a talented little Kindergartner, and she works very, very hard on her art. She wants to be an artist when she grows up, and is hoping if she works hard enough she'll never have to go to college! Isn't that funny? She's had this idea that college was like prison for at least two years, and no matter how hard I try to convince her it's a good thing, and TOTALLY OPTIONAL, she doesn't budge. So she's decided to just work really, really hard on her art and hope for the best! Silly girl. She does a good job of it, too. 


Anonymous said...

What does it all mean?

-Sista Richins

Unknown said...

ps. you know when I am suppose to be grading school work, but I have to shows up anonymous...

-Mrs. Richins :)

Deepfryer said...

that picture is the coolest thing of all time. and your FHE sounds like the coolest thing ever. i wish i could eat a smore right now.

Elise said...

Those trees. I cannot wait to get back east to be amongst them as well. I am grateful that Jesus gave us the seeds, too.

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I 100% support your decision to finish your formal education. Not financially support you, but you know, moral support and stuff. Go Marie!