Friday, May 10, 2013


 So this is my Mom. Cutest, right?
In honor of Mother's Day, and every other perfectly good day where it's a nice idea to talk about your Mom -- let's talk about mine. I've been thinking about her all week.
I'm very fond of my Mother.
We're pretty darn tight.
And I can honestly say that I have felt a deep and abiding admiration for her -- and friendship towards her -- for many, many, many moons. My lifetime? That seems about right. Especially since becoming a Mother myself, I have felt that spiritual umbilical cord become even stronger, binding us together tightly.
So that hasn't really changed as far as moving across the country goes.
I was thinking as I was driving back home today -- wondering what has changed living a thousand miles away from the woman who brought me into this world (and, frankly, could still take me out of it. My Mom is the real deal). I've really felt a profound appreciation for my Mom for so long, so it's not really more appreciation -- I guess what it is is an appreciation of TIME with my Mom that has come to mean so much more.
Time with my Mom.
That's what I have realized is a really golden commodity. It's memories I cherish, excitement for the next opportunity, and a longing to just be in her presence that is so powerful.
'Cause wherever my Mom is -- that's always really home.

I'm pretty much still just her little chicken.
I love you, Mom. So, so much. Happy Mother's Day!
You're pretty much the best! The ab-sol-ute best.

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Ducksoup said...

that smile on your moms face says so many things. oh, it's almost like when i look at her smile i can just see love, love, love. too precious rie. i love it! loved your beautiful post. i am also a big fan of your mother :). hope you had a wonderful mother's day. such a special holiday.