Monday, May 20, 2013


I had to post these.
Saturday night we were all outside for a while -- Daddy and Liv playing frisbee, Kate snoozing, and K.J. showing me his cool balancing trick. He's been working so hard on it. He was asking me to take a picture to show his BCF (Best Cousin Forever) Addie, and I love EVERY ONE OF THESE PICTURES. I am so happy I had my camera at that moment so I could capture the real K.J.
K.J. is getting to the age where he's not that interested in me taking his likeness, and it is nearly impossible to get a natural face. So imagine my joy...
K.J. is such a special guy. 
He's so talented and expressive.
Could this be my favorite?
He's just so sincere.
He's a serious thinker.

 He's so kind and friendly. 
 He's such a handsome boy, and has a legion of female fans.
Very best of all, he is MY boy. I am so proud of who he is. He has the most tender little heart, and I am so blessed to be its keeper for these most special years.

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Ducksoup said...

awesome, awesome post. so many great facials!