Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado Alley

Well hello.
Did you know the word succor is from the Latin succurrere, which means "to run to the rescue" -- did ya? I love that translation. I love it in context of what the Savior does and what I can seek to do. I've been reading some mighty fine books lately, and they are helping me. They are not helping my house. But they are helping me!
Yesterday was the third grade "Wax Museum." This was a lot of work for K.J. He had to research a famous person (he chose Dr. Seuss), put together a presentation, and create a big tri-fold board to display. Luckily, Daddy was off yesterday and so we both got to go see him. When you walked into the room, all the kids were frozen, and you had to push the "push me" button on their shirt to get them to come to life. It was so darn cute! I was proud of him for his diligence, and for taking the job seriously. I was also so happy his Dad could be there to support him as well. Sometimes it feels extra special to have both of your parents, you know?
My parents were so supportive of me, and went to about ten million performances -- they would go to multiple nights, not just one. I remember as a senior my Dad had to work out of town as I was performing as the Wicked Stepmother in 'Cinderella.' We didn't think he would be able to come, but lucky for me (and I know at a sacrifice for my parents), he made it to one performance, and it meant so much. I think my Mom went to every one, which was a big deal, because my performing arts high school was about forty minutes from home and we already had one car out there. Who's the luckiest kid out there? ME! None of my friends could believe how supportive they were. The Double B and I hope to be able to offer the same thing to our children, because we know how important it is.
To celebrate we had a special treat -- we went out to eat at our favorite place, Pizza Ranch! This worked out marvelously, because kids are free on Tuesday nights. Nice. On the way there, K.J. was double proud to announce that he had passed off some more times tables -- his 4, 6, and 7's. Wow! He is totally almost there! We were super excited for him. He said the sixes were still so hard and took him FOREVER to pass off, but he did it. He has really had to stretch his growing brain for those wretched things, but literally, he's almost made it. I think he just has the 8's and 12's left.

Math is hard. Especially when you're an imaginative little soul, it's just hard to focus for long periods of time on... numbers. Numbers, of all things! I get it, K.J., I get it.
The Double B is very good at math, and enjoys it a lot, so I'm very hopeful that K.J. will be able to have it come a little easier as we continue to help him. We're hoping for a different outcome then his Mom's. For instance, we're hoping he'll be able to divide when he's 30. Call us crazy for dreaming so big -- but we're doing it!
Here's Daddy and his girls at awesome Pizza Ranch.
Liv was just so excited, she really couldn't relax.
Let's all notice how skinny the Double B's neck is.
I feel concerned. How is it holding up his head?
He is emerging from the Ethiopian status I found him in when we finally joined him in KC (no one ever suggested that losing thirty pounds in six weeks through excessive stress was a good idea... ever), but he's still a slender little guy. After fleshing back out a little, he's just a few pounds more then when we got married. This is very insulting. I wish he would have consulted me on this! And then put me in a padded room with Jillian Michaels, or something.
Just kidding. I don't worry about size, I'm more a health person. So if I'm finding some activity and not shoveling food into my mouth in the closet (this has happened before), I'm good. I'm an apple. Slender limbs and soft and delicious in the middle. And the Double B LOVES apples. Win win! 
The Double B. He's so cool.
So it's been a pretty big week here in Weather Central. We finally got off Tornado Watch yesterday, but we were spared the horrible things happening below us. It breaks your heart watching the footage of Oklahoma. Kansas got socked pretty good, too. If you're not familiar with Kansas City, we are right on the border of Kansas. Hence, half of KC is in Missouri, half in Kansas. We're on the Missouri side by about fifteen or twenty minutes. A little more then an hour from Topeka. Kansas was hit around the Wichita area, which is south again. We got some very excited Severe Thunder Storms, and let's face it -- I never like being on Tornado Watch, it really does give you the heebie jeebies -- but we were really lucky. On Monday night a few counties down from us went on Tornado Warning and they had a few small tornadoes, but they had more damage from the wind and hail from the thunder storm. I'm getting tough. People here just go on with life as normal -- because it totally is normal to them! Imagine that! It is really interesting to watch the storm systems roll across the sky with nothing to impede them. Very powerful. I'm practically a Midwesterner now. 
The End.


Anonymous said...

Wow your grass is so green! I am concerned about the below pictures though. I see in more then one bare spots with no grass at all! Tell the double b that this in not acceptable and must be finished asap. Also when a tornado comes just stick your head between your legs! I heard this is the best option.

Deepfryer said...

oh i loved your post. felt like a lived a day in your life. i want to eat at that restaurant. pizza sounds delicious right now. such a cute picture of livi. man that's green grass - - it's beautiful. is that your yard? nice job k.j. on your times tables! i still remember my mom quizzing me at the dentist office in third grade. and double b, 30 pounds in 6 weeks... wow! that's amazing. isn't the baker supposed to put on 30 pounds. i love you rie. watch out for those tornados!

katie said...

I love your yard! It's so pretty! Your kids are growing up so fast!