Friday, May 31, 2013

Weather Extravaganza!

Okay, I realize that probably about half my posts on the ol' blog since moving to the great state of Missouri have been about weather. And you're thinking, how exciting can weather be, right? But let me tell you: WEATHER CAN BE VERY EXCITING!
The very loud alarm went off on our weather radio three times last night -- tragically, it is right by my head as I lay sleeping -- to inform us that there was a watch for the thunderstorm of the century, there was a warning for the thunderstorm of the century, and that the thunderstorm of the century had ARRIVED, and was probably going to carry us away in a flood. This was like at 2:37 a.m., 3:45 a.m., and about 4:15 a.m. Not that it mattered at that point, because let me tell you, I WAS AWAKE. And vigorously checking my tornado app, just in case.
I will freely say I am not really a storm warrior. Self-professed sissy here (though, let's face it, I am by necessity getting much, much braver)! I have been in many fabulous Utah thunderstorms that have really freaked the heck out of me. And I have been in many Missouri storms that rattle your very soul. But let me tell you: I have NEVER seen anything like the Severe Thunderstorm that came to visit last night. You wouldn't really believe it unless you were snuggled up next to me (which could have been awkward, but you know, maybe not) -- but it was one big... huge... constant thunder bolt and lightning flash for about forty-five minutes straight. My head actually named it "A Weather Extravaganza!," because that's just how my brain works. And I am not kidding. The thunder did not stop. The lightning did not stop. Not once. We have three windows in our master bedroom, and there was lightning flashing all around us, without break. The thunder roared, and roared, and roared.
It was really something else. Since the last deafening warning from Friendly Weather Radio said there would be half-dollar sized hail, I ventured upstairs to watch through the big windows and to make sure the kids were sleeping through it (which, miraculously, they were). I am happy to say, though, that somebody else got the hail, we just got torrential rains. Since this has been going on all spring, now half of Kansas City is underwater... but we're not, so I gotta be glad about that! The beautiful Missouri river is feeling a little angry and is complaining, and lots of water ways have swamped roads, apparently. But here we sit, la-dee-da-dee-da. Thank heavens!
Weather = Awesome.

In other news, last night when it cleared up for awhile we tried to have a hot dog roast to celebrate the last day of school. It was so sweet of us, because everything was soaked. My Eagle Scout worked for a long time to try to get the fire to work, but it just wouldn't stay going -- it was too wet! At one point he went into the woods to find some more kindling and Olivia called out after him "Daddy! If you get a tick, be sure to name him!"

And... scene.

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Ducksoup said...

only wish i was there to watch it with you. sounds crazy! and alarms!! so crazy. where i lived was nothing like the weather adventure you are having. glad to hear everything was all good.