Monday, June 10, 2013


I had to drop K.J. off this morning at 7:30 for scout camp. Everyone met at the temple and then they were off -- he'll be home about four today. And then it's every day until Friday! I can't believe I ever agreed to this.
Here's K.J. at pack meeting last week when he finally got the courage to try the stick pull:
I felt actual angst as I pulled away this morning, leaving him there sort of scared and not standing by anybody to face a day of scout adventure. I am seriously hoping he can finally make some friends with those boys. This seems to be the last area where he hasn't really adjusted, is within the church group of boys. Let's face it, K.J. is the pied piper of girls! He just doesn't know how to bond with wild boys. If it is a calm boy with similar interests, they do great. But rough and rollers, and he's lost. This doesn't concern me in the fact that my best friend as a teenager was the most wonderful boy ever, Brad, and he was the same way -- so kind -- that all girls loved him and the boys liked him, he just seemed to attract the lady folk. This worked out great for me, because in a drama club situation where most of my friends were draining and demanding, he just quietly made everything awesome. Love that kid! He is now married and a Daddy. So I know K.J. will be fine. It's just hard to watch him struggle. I don't know if he's going to do well and actually have fun, or if he's going to be alone all day. The Double B is going tomorrow, so that will be great! K.J. is excited about that. But in the meantime... sigh. He'll be fine. The Double B thinks this is the best way to help him form some friendships, so there you go...
On Friday Livi and I went on a fun date up to visit one of my favorite church historic sites, Far West: 
It was great, we had so much fun together. She wanted to stop at Sonic and get a caramel shake AND French fries, and away we went! It's about a forty-five minute drive into farm land, and it's so quiet and peaceful there. 
She is seriously the cutest little girl on earth! She led us all over the place up there, climbing trees, making a secret code of whistling, climbing on the benches and writing songs for me to record for her Dad. It was a great day! 
In other news, Liv has had fifth disease this week -- a pretty spectacular rash that is slowly starting to clear up, poor little chicken. The fun thing about it, if there is something fun about it, is that we have matching cheeks in that picture. Mine just doesn't go away! She's been a trooper. Love, love, adore that girl.
We FINALLY found a park in Kansas City. Sounds funny, right? But they're not as common as you might think, and the only ones we've found on our own are downtown and we haven't dared go there. Finally, finally, though -- we found one in a sweet little neighborhood and had a marvelous time. We followed the walking path and even petted a dog, which is a pretty darn big deal for kids like us. 
One last Olivia story: she loves to write songs and is singing something new every day. Our home teacher came over about a week ago and she told him she loves to sing. He asked her if she'd sing for him, and she said she would if he joined her! He laughed and said he doesn't really sing. She offered to give him singing lessons! We thought that was so funny. Just as he was getting ready to go she ran back into the room with a paper filled with words. She told him she had written a song to perform for him. To his credit, he watched, smiled, and praised her to her hearts content. Then she gave him the paper and told him to practice up for next time.

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Ducksoup said...

cannot wait to hear how k.j. survived is adventure. i hope he did great and found someone to be tight with! cute picture of him. and what a great mom taking her daughter on a date. think i should do that. so great you are taking advantage of those awesome church sights.