Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Royal Occasion

 We got to go watch the Royals play baseball the other night at Kauffman Stadium.
A big hello to the man behind us in this picture nursing his refreshing beverage!
It was so fun! It was hot and sweaty, that is for sure, but it was fun. We've been under a heat advisory the last few days -- temps in the upper nineties and ten million percent humidity. It is very uncomfortable. I am used to sweltering 100+ temperatures, but the humidity is a separate form of evil. Both extreme heat and humid heat = very impressive. I would still rather be hot then cold. 
The Double B stayed strong and wore his Cubs hat. He also accidentally wore the Braves colors, but that was okay. There were so many Braves fans, I was very impressed. It was the most friendly game I've ever been to, in that there were both Royals and Braves fans surrounding us, and everyone just politely cheered for their team. The beer was flowing and everybody was friendly. Way fun. 
Olivia was all about the self-portrait with her blanklie. And her bling. What a sweetie pie! Olivia is our best adventurer in these types of situations. She calmly sits and watches, rarely complains. KJ, not so much. He likes to let his discomfort be heard! He reminds me of me as a kid, unfortunately. I don't know how my parents let me survive family vacations! I'm sure glad they did, though. And Katelyn makes it her mission to kick everyone around her. We are quite the team! Olivia said several times "I never knew what sport I should be interested in, but now I think I'll be interested in baseball!"
They hated to leave. But they were happy to stop at Sonic on the way home! It was a great family memory.
The Double B ended up with five days off over the weekend, and it was a wonderful break. One he desperately needed and we had so much fun together! We celebrated our anniversary by going down to a very popular shopping district called "The Plaza," and had my favorite dish at my favorite restaurant, the Chicken Bellagio at the Cheesecake Factory. We had a family day on our actual anniversary and went on a nature walk, among other things. It was great. I love my husband and I love our family.
It is just such an interesting time in our family history. Lots to think about. It's sometimes hard to sit down and write but oh, boy, if you were here we would talk and talk for hours! Sometimes it's easy for me to write, especially it is a personal journey, because then I can share as much as I want because it's mine to share, you know? As a whole family, sometimes it's tougher, because it doesn't just involve me, my feelings, or my experiences. I guess that is why a family is so beautiful -- it is many individual experiences that make up a whole.
We are pushing onward, ever onward, and so excited for our trip home! We leave next Friday, and can't wait.
I'll end with a little quote that is close to my heart. I hold to it!:
"Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad."
Worth remembering, right?

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Ducksoup said...

finally a post. humidity is so not fun. i remember when we first moved to st. louis in august i thought i would die i would be so hot and sweaty. it's no good. dry and hot works way better. fun you got to go to a bball game. the advantages of not living in utah :). and cheesecake factory, definitely not one of those in hurricane. i love you rie. have a happy day.