Saturday, June 29, 2013

Katelyn Phraseology

 Perfect place for a fake nap.
Tonight after buckling Katelyn up on the way from one grocery store to another (gotta get the best deals, man!) she said the darned craziest thing. It was a totally Katelyn thing to say, too. I don't remember what it was, though, and that is a tragedy. The thought occurred to me in that parking lot that I don't write down nearly enough of the things that come out of her mouth! Of course, that could be because she just recently started speaking The English. Or it could be because she just says really funny things all the time. But either way, I am determined to write the great moments that come out of this girl.
Speaking of the trip to the store(s), I was really just planning on taking the older two, when Katelyn -- sensing that something was afoot -- came running in with her shoes on, yelling "I ready to go!" I asked her if maybe she'd like to stay with Dad, and her whole world fell apart. The most piteous weeping that just melted my heart. I couldn't stand it, of course. So I knelt down in front of her and told her that if it was important to her, she could go. Olivia jumped right into the mix to comfort her little sis. Katelyn was very grateful. You could see her process that yes, she could go, and she just moved right in for a happy snuggle. Poor thing. It really was sad, and I decided if she's old enough to decide she wants to go... she gets to come.
Earlier this evening she whipped out my least favorite line of all the lines ever spouted: "It's not fair." This was said because I had paused her current favorite movie, 'Peter Pan.' I just looked at her and said "Oh-no-you-di-dn't!" Why?! Two years old, I ask you.
She got it from KJ. It is his favorite line of all time.
At dinner time she was playing with a few of her little princess Polly Pockets around her plate. She really, really loves Barbies and princess dolls and loves to play pretend with them. Tonight we heard such lovely dramatic phrasing as "What?! Are you kidding me?! Don't do it! Why you say that?!" etc.
It was pretty stinking cute.
Dear Grown-Up Katelyn,
Raising you was a ball.

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