Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hey -- It's D-Day!

Summer, I love you.

I am one lucky Mom. In an instance of prophecy fulfilled in my life, my kids are very, very sweet human beings. They each are individuals and have their quirks, but each one of them is actually sugary sweet. LUCKY! Blessed! I know each Mom loves her kids and enjoys them, but I seriously love spending time with my three chickens. So having them home all day every day is like a magical dream come true. It feels like Saturday every day! My days seem so much happier and more fulfilled. Seriously, why don't I home school? Oh, right -- because I would lose my mind. Plus, I can't divide.

I think it helps that I had a little bit more of a plan of action this summer -- we will be carving out time for lots of fun (free!) stuff, and that helps all of us. Here's something interesting: out here summer school is very popular. In fact, if you DON'T do summer school you are somewhat of an oddity. But NO WAY, JOSE. MY TURN. Don't get me wrong, in Utah when summer school was a couple of hours and then free lunch for all for three weeks, we'd often join the festivities. But here it is just a regular school day -- 9-4. No. No. No. No. No, thank you! Plus, we are heading to Utah to see our families in thirty days. Just thirty days! Can't actually wait. I'm getting pretty darn good at this living far away thing, but I do miss them, and this week I've been pretty lonesome for them.
Here is a free advertisement for Vitamin B-12. It has really, really helped me. I ran out last week and decided to try a week without it and see if it had run it's course, but I could feel a difference within a day or two. I told the Double B maybe it was the placebo effect, but he scoffed and then drove me to the store to get more. He is a sweet person, really, even when he is a little gruff. He told me that obviously my body needs a boost of that particular helpful vitamin and I should be nice to my body and take it! I agree. Sigh. He is dreamy. B-12 has many wonderful things, but the #1 piece of awesomeness it has done for me is that it helps convert food into energy and supports your nervous system, particularly brain and nerve function. I just feel better.
Maybe they are lacing my Vitamin B-12 with something even more magical? Either way, I'm for it.

Two weeks from today my sweetie and I will be celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary. Right?! I have noticed the last year or two that we really are starting to finish each others sentences, or often say something and then the other says "I was JUST THINKING THAT." We had an adjustment with this move, but what they say is true -- we are now so close, even more tightly bonded. It's exciting to be on lifelong journey to really become one whole thing instead of two separate things.
I appreciate and honor the great man the Double B is. I really am crazy about him! I choose him every day to be the most important thing in my life, and he chooses me every day, too, and that's where I think we are really lucky.
I was laughing near him the other day (not at... near), thinking about how I really didn't know when we got married about the ornery side of him, the gruffness that he carries within him and sometimes on his sleeve. That was a surprise. Just like he didn't know about my occasional mood swings, temper-flares, and the internal wrestling that he has to deal with on a regular basis. That was a pretty nifty surprise, too! We tease each other and have fun about it, but we really are just custom-made for each other. Our gifts are complimentary and we are both much better people because of the help of the other.
I am just so content with him.
He is the best kind of comfy, like fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and a great book... the very best kind of contentment.   

It's time to make the plan of action for the day. Have a good one! Hugs from KC!

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Ducksoup said...

awesome post rie. makes me so happy you married great! and coming in 30 days? i cannot wait. so you will be here for stampede? woo hop?!? wish we lived closer so we could go on some summer adventures together. summer is the best time for sure. absolute freedom every single day. i love it! swim lessons are almost too much on my schedule. glad you said no to summer school. that sounds awful!