Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Parents Of Awesomeness

So it's the Double B's day off. We went on a family bike ride, lazed about, and during Katelyn's nap waxed sentimental about the glory days of Hostess products. The twinkie, the ding dong, the snowball. And my husband, in a burst of spectacular, suggested that tonight we go on a hostess scavenger hunt. They are still hard to find, obviously, so he did his online research...and five major grocery stores and two convenience stores later, we came home to a feast... The three boxes of preservatives we painstakingly gathered. Olivia called it a "food party!"
Sure, not the epitome of healthy.
But was it awesome? Oh, yesss. It was AWESOME!!!
The End.


On Second Thought said...

Awesome! Hey guess what? We took a road trip to Nauvoo last week and on our way out of carthage we accidentally took a detour into Missouri! Lovely state you got there.

Marie Says Yes said...

Thank you, we take all the credit for it. You should have kept coming! We'd have put you up for the night!

Marie Says Yes said...
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Ducksoup said...

agreed. you are parents of awesomeness. how fun!