Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Katelyn has proclaimed she has a new favorite movie... 'Star Wars.' That's right. And she likes to watch little swatches of it throughout the day. She'll run in and say "I watch my favorite 'Star Wars!' and zip off to my room, implying that I will follow and make her dreams come true. Here she is this morning:
Pretty cute. Pretty intent, too! Katelyn likes company, so she likes me to put on a show for her right when we get home from dropping off the kids. Then she will run in and watch it for little snatches of time throughout the morning. I don't blame her, really. She really, really does not like school for her best friend, Livi, and her Buh-Buh. There are tears at some point every morning. Poor little bird.
Speaking of school. Yesterday while waiting for pick up the kids, this is what I saw walking towards the vehicle. KJ and Liv holding hands all the way up to the car. She'd drop something, pick it up, they'd take hands again. It was as natural as breathing for them, and my little heart just melted. I felt so lucky.
Guess what! It was the Double B's birthday on Saturday! He is 33. Now usually I like to have a birthday spectacular, but this birthday was a little more low-key. I never realized how helpful having family nearby was to the whole "spectacular" part of birthday celebrations. They certainly help with the fun factor! But we made it through and he is one year older and wiser, too. Here we are at our favorite family restaurant, Red Robin. We love us a good root beer float and burger! 
We spent some time at the park and Daddy unintentionally became the Pied Piper. It was pretty fun to watch, I have to admit. 
I am so thankful for that good man. He is my friend. We did spend some time laughing about what a doozy of a year this whole 32 ended up being for him! One we never saw coming, really, but he has made it through and risen to the challenge. What a blessing he is in my life!

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Ducksoup said...

think i am chalking up 32 about the same way for me :)... anyone that has two unpack one ginormous penske truck full of boxes i think is eligible for calling it a "doozy" of a year. no not really rie, i am grateful for the move since it's much closer but right now i am hating it :). you understand.

happy birthday ben! you are awesome and you make my FC so stinkin' happy which is awesome. happy, happy day!