Monday, August 26, 2013


Today I will not worry so much about writing a cohesive blog post as just spewing out some information. Okay? Agreed? Good then.

* Katelyn is still terrorized by the school system. This morning driving to school she moaned over and over "Livi, you have to go to school? Livi, you have to go to school?" And then Livi would say very kindly, "Yes, Katee, Livi has to go to school." And then Katelyn would cry. Pitifully. It's very sad. She did perk up when I told her we were going to go to Hobby Lobby today, though. Since then she's been hugging herself saying "I LOVE Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby is my favorite!!!"
Everything is her favorite. The other night while I was cooking dinner she pointed to a big picture of Jesus on the wall and said "I paint that Jesus. My favorite Jesus! Jesus LOVES ME!!!" And then I assured her that yes, Jesus loves her so very much! I absolutely love to hear my children express the feelings they have of being loved by their Savior and Heavenly Father. Does my heart so much good!But I have to say, I didn't know she painted that picture of Jesus. That was new information to me!

* On Saturday night I had the coolest missionary experience ever. At the Liberty Jail, no less. It was seriously a highlight in my life. I will always remember it.

* Last night the Double B and I played the game Settlers of Catan. (I got him a couple of games we can play just the two of us for his birthday, which is already paying off. Yes!) We played it FIVE ROUNDS. That is because I crushed him the first four rounds and he could not accept the defeat. That's okay, because it was really fun to talk and laugh while playing, plus I never win that game, much less crush it... so it was all good to me! He did win the last round, which is good, because he was saying otherwise he would never play that game again (ha ha). The kids loved coming up and keeping us company. It was a fun night.
Which is good, because the day was enough to wear you out. Primary is tricky. Awesome sauce, but let's be honest here, tricky. Not the kids -- I love them like crazy! They are so much fun! But the insane amount of administration is exhausting. So many balls in the air at once. We have 150 kids
starting from Sunbeams and going up (not including nursery), and they almost all come! They are so funny and so precious. Honestly, it's the adults that are difficult! Sundays are a whirlwind -- the scramble for teachers who didn't show up, reassuring parents who are upset for one reason or another, following the new boy who randomly leaves class and wanders the halls or locks himself in the bathroom, and preventing that group of boys between CTR 7 and Valiant 9 from brawling! A whole different ballgame from young women's... neither better nor worse, just so different. I feel like I am really learning. Which is good, because the more areas I know, the more useful I can be to the Lord. And I would like to be useful.
My Mom directing me to this awesome article about Primary. It made me laugh. The comments are great, too! I know now more then ever that I really do want to follow the Savior's directive to become like a little child. They're really the ones that have it all together!

* So here is something incredible -- I am going to be teaching again. In my own little classes, no less! I am so amazed it all worked out, but starting next week I will be teaching little ones dance and musical theater six hours a week. I seriously can't tell you the miracle this is, and how it all came about -- it's almost unbelievable! But here is the thing: I believe. I can totally believe. I just am AMAZED, is maybe the better word, that the Lord is so generous. It's a long story. But a great story for posterity. I will write it all in my "small plates," but just know here that I am teaching again(!) and it is something I am really excited and happy about!!!
Plus, my kids feel like they have died and gone to heaven. They are so, so excited.

That's it for today, but at least I said hello! I hope you are all well. You are loved!!!

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Ducksoup said...

that is so awesome rie. i am dying to hear the story! do you teach when ben's home? wish i could watch your kids for you. wish you could teach maci too. she would love it. awesome post!