Monday, September 9, 2013


This morning as we waited in the car line to get up to the school, a big dragonfly flew in front of our windshield. Naturally, I started flapping my wrists and pulled my best dragonfly face. I turned to KJ and growled "I'm a dragon and I fly!" Fully expecting -- you know, a laugh or a grimace, or -- something.
Nothing at all.
He was totally aware of me but didn't even look my way. I could practically see it emanating off of him, the "Oh, Mom" vibe.

And I thought:
You live a strange life, Kid.
But I guess when you've got that weirdo next to you flapping her wrists and she's actually your MOM... you've got to get a little selective about what impresses you.

Dear KJ,
I love you!
Your Friend,
The Dragonfly.