Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's Patriot Day. I always remember, just like you do. Where I was and what it was like and how things are different.
Katelyn's classic position every morning when we return from the school drop-off. She is usually in some form of mourning, so she runs to Mom and Dad's bed and asks me to put on her favorite show of the day. Today it is Caillou. Being the accommodating person that I am, I put it on for her, and she snuggles in with her backpack for a little R & R. Within a few minutes, she's back to her busy body self and all is right with the world! For the rest of the show, she'll slip in and out, paying attention for a few minutes before something else grabs her interest. She is quite the girl!
Today I teach the second week of my classes. Last week went so great and I felt so happy about it! I'm excited to go again today. It's a wonderful way for me to branch out and express my talents, to have something that is my very own. I am not unaware of the enormous blessing that it really is.
The Double B built a swing for us to hang off our deck: 
It is super awesome! Now just comes the whole hanging part...
I don't know who loved the building process more, him or the kids -- especially Liv, who considers herself Daddy's little helper in every way. And she really is one helpful chick! She was proud of their work!
I am so glad the Double B is finding projects like this to do with his hands. I've got a couple more lined up for him... Pinterest and I just have his best interests at heart! I love having a handy man, it is just super attractive. 
He's finally got a softball league to play in, too! Here most of the league's are called "Beer Leagues," haha, which apparently are just what they sound like! So a couple of the guys from the ward were so glad to find just a straight up softball league -- and BB was THRILLED when they invited him to join. Work is better then it was, but the fact is, he just has a very stressful job. He does so much better when he has these outlets. Just like all of us! 
I am really excited for him.
A few days ago a big tractor came and took out the tall grasses in our neighborhood that were branching out from the woods. They'd gotten about waist high, so it is a good thing, because those evil ticks love those grasses, plus it gives us a little more room. The woods are so beautiful, I love them (minus the ticks)! We also have a little grove right next to us, and they took care of the huge grasses/bushes branching out from that. It was getting a little wild, but boy, it looks different! This got the Double B's juices flowing, and since it was his day off yesterday, he spent hours in there cleaning it up, pulling out old trees with the Durango, and basically just having a bang up time. That sort of thing is exactly up his alley! We are hoping to reclaim some of the newly uncovered ground for ourselves! We really, really love having some room to spread out.
The trees are beginning to change... the woods are slowly turning yellow, and driving down the road there will be a tree turning red, etc. It is the weirdest thing for this Southern Utah girl. It does make me a little nervous, since the leaves weren't even on the trees until MAY, so this feels a little early. But the Double B assures me they were still on when he arrived in mid-October last year, that they were stunning, and that we are just in for a long, beautiful Autumn.
I guess I can handle that. :)

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