Monday, September 16, 2013


Last night I dreamed I was with my Grandma. It was not necessarily the past, but I think I was younger. I was with my brother Matt and my cousin Mary Dawn, and it was so real as we walked up the steep driveway, laughing, past the roses and flower pots into her house. We were pretty excited, because we were going to surprise Grandma. She was in her kitchen, and she was so happy to see us! It was the strangest thing -- my mind pulled up everything exactly as it was -- the wallpaper border, the colors, the wall hangings, the dust-free table, and most importantly -- my Grandma. It was her... she looked the same as when I was in college, still with pep in her step, and she was soft and smelled just like herself, and as we hugged, she held onto me and gave me three kisses. I wasn't sad, it was as if nothing in the last few years existed. I was happy and safe because I was with my Granny, my brother, and my F.C., in the home that was as comfortable for me as my own. It was absolutely exact. We raided the snack closet and Granny was at the sink rinsing something off (that happened a lot, really). Matt sat on the love seat and Mary Dawn was on the pink rocker, and we were all so happy and laughing. Mary Dawn said something that made me laugh so hard I had to bend over, and Granny was right there across the counter from me, laughing and enjoying our friendships with one another.
And then I woke up.

It really did stun me to wake up in the pitch dark room and realize that it wasn't real, that it was the middle of the night, and that I was in my bed in Kansas City, Missouri.

Katelyn is a beauty queen. She loves to put fancy bows in her hair, she loves to put on Mommy's makeup (especially when she sneaks it), and she loves all things beauty shop... nails, etc. There's a little beauty shop game on the tablet where she can do nails and makeup, and OH BOY. It is her grand obsession. I think she is under the impression the lady on it is me, because every time she finishes she says, "Oh, Mommy! You is so gorgeous! You look beautiful! So pretty!" Which is pretty sweet, if you think about it. She is also completely obsessed with doing MY hair, which is fun to a certain point. Many times she is soft and sweet and she finds great comfort in it. But other times, not so much, and it really tests my patience! She also loves to pretend to paint my nails, and any time I wear makeup (let's face it... Sundays), she is obsessed, and keeps puckering my lips together to examine my makeup.
She is really testing her boundaries right now. She loves to push any limit, and she is good at it. She also has picked up on the craziest expressions that I HONESTLY do not know where she got them, but they are very embarrassing. Last week I needed to run a few errands, and we stopped at Target. She did not WANT to go to Target. Then she did not WANT to get in the cart. I told her that was fine, she could walk, as long as she was a good girl. That lasted about two seconds. She quickly found a megaphone she desperately wanted, but since we have two at home, I told her no. So she sat down in the middle of the aisle and pouted. That was fine until she got sassy, then I lifted her into the cart and explained that when she talks that way, she has to ride in the cart. That really made her mad, and she folded her arms and repeatedly "Humph!"-ed, which she is very good at. Then she saw a Target worker and a couple other customers come close to us. She looked at them, looked at me. Looked at them, looked at me. The said loudly "I not afraid of you, Mommy! You not hit me! I not afraid of you!"

~ crickets~

You can imagine my horror. When I looked at her, mortified, she repeated it -- louder! I told her that I do not talk to her that way, she can not talk to me that way. So she said it louder! As we were heading out of the store she exclaimed "That was so fun! I loved it!"
What the heck.
Then Friday Bev and I went to the yard sale extravaganza a couple of neighborhoods over. She tried to walk off with some shoes, threw a fit when I told her no, flung herself down, and in the wrestle to remove the shoes, my smart phone went flying. And naturally, the screen totally shattered. The great news is, since we were there in the middle of humanity, it forced me to a very still calm. And danged if I'm not living with a shattered screen, because I'm the idiot who didn't want to buy the insurance, and I don't feel like paying the $200 to have it fixed.
It is a little tricky to read my books on there, but I do it man.
Kate the Great is giving us a run for our money, that is for sure. Bev thinks all of this is hilarious, so that's good. Someone needs to.
The good news is, yesterday she took on her Dad. I don't know why she did it -- not the wisest move. But I was thrilled. She gave his knee a whack when she didn't get her way. And he pulled out the much bigger then her, much scarier then her, ultimate authority card with her. Didn't even touch her, and she wailed out of the room! I have to admit, I enjoyed it.
Dad's are cool.

The Double B is flying home for a few days in October. It will be really good for him and really good for his parents. His Dad is almost 89, and his health isn't so great right now, so I am happy they will get to spend some quality time building puzzles together.
I often ponder why the Lord would take us to the middle of nowhere, figuratively, at this season of his parents lives. Why their caretaker would be taken half way across the country. It's a mystery to me, but I think there is purpose in it.
Of course, it's not like the Lord didn't give us a choice. Of course He did! It was definitely the Double B's and my decision. But we both agree, we would have never, never thought this up on our own.

My parents are flying in tomorrow morning. CAN NOT WAIT!!! Our whole household is sitting and waiting with baited breath! We're going to see the church sites while their here, and then Friday and Saturday we are heading to Nauvoo! Can't wait to see them and have them bless our home with their presence!!! Might not get back to the blog this week, but if I don't -- just know I'm blissed out. Love you, friends.


Diane said...

Totally jealous of your Granny dream. Loved hearing about it though, I can just picture her at the sink enjoying the company of grandchildren. While you're in Nauvoo go to the Fudge shop and get a turtle wing, or really go for it and get the turtle tail. Seriously a decision you will not regret. I often think about having them just ship me some of the darn things. It's a good thing I didn't know of the existence of these things until the last half of the semester that I lived there! So delicious!

Ducksoup said...

Best thing ever eating raumen and a Marie post at 3 in the morning. Where have I been? You posted this forever ago. Awesome dream! How cool is that - - must mean you are the favorite GC to have dreams like that. Wishing I would have given uncle gord a message to tell granny. Miss that lady, always will. Have lots of melt downs at our house today and maci usually leaves a store crying because she didn't get that toy she needed. I wish we could go to target together! Would make my life 1000 times more awesome. My sound quit working on my phone for speaker or watching videos...thought I bought insurance and I didn't. If you do get your screen fixed buy an otter box. Mine has made it almost a year which is a miracle with my phone history. Hope you had fun with your parents. Maybe they are still there even. I sure want to see you. Love you rie...hoping I go have a dream about us visiting granny.

Ducksoup said...

so hoping for a post...marie, are you okay? miss you!