Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fever '13

It's been a Red-Letter few days.
(Side note: Does anyone know where the expression Red Letter comes from? Because I use it a lot, and I should probably look into that. I've always thought of it as Banner-Worthy, or something along those lines. I make up meanings to words a lot -- and I hate to brag, but I am frequently right, earning me the nickname "Dic" from my friend Shawna... short for Dictionary, naturally. Because we are twelve, I sometimes throw out a good "Thor" to her -- for Thesaurus. She is unusually good at finding alternate words with the same meaning! Actually a very useful skill. Anyhow, back to the side note: Red Letter might not mean what I think it means. I mean, serial killers probably use red letters, too. So you never know. I should verify this.)
Okay, starting over:
It's been a Red-Letter few days.
Yesterday after tossing and turning all night in Mommy's arms and a general dearth of sleep for all, both of my girls were feverish, phlegmy, and barfy. It was very rotten, and very pathetic. The good news is, ever conscious of her beauty, after pulling Katelyn's hair up in bands after the first barf to keep it out of her face, she asked Liv to gussy her sick day 'do up with a fancy purple flower. I think it really added to things:
Honestly, it was so sad and pathetic. Day two of ruling Mom and Dad's room. By the end of the night, that bed was barfed on and peed on. More then once! What a brave bed.
Luckily, it was Daddy's day off, which worked out really nicely, because the girls needed their Daddy so much, and I was teaching and so thankful for back-up.
Here's something hilarious, though. First thing in the morning, Daddy was holding Kate on the bed and telling me about when she woke up during the night. I was cuddled up with Liv and didn't hear her crying until the Double B got up to check on her. Our bedroom is downstairs and theirs is up. So he met her on the stairs and startled her. She was afraid because she'd woken up and couldn't find Livi in their bed. So BB brought her in with us and I spent the rest of the night the center of a tiny sick girl burrito. It was a pretty sad story, with Katelyn nodding solemnly to confirm all the tragic details, when Liv expressed unhappiness with sharing a bed with Kate -- their new arrangement and the very bribe that finally got Kate interested in potty training.
Liv exclaimed in frustration:
"She literally used me as her home playground. She thinks I'm her sandbox!!!"
I laughed, laughed, laughed, and laughed some more. She didn't think it was funny.
Still laughing! 
Half way through the day, Kate just couldn't get comfortable with Mommy snuggling on the couch. I asked her if she would let Daddy snuggle her while I got her some medicine. She croaked "I want Daddy!" and I arranged her in his arms. By the time I climbed the stairs, grabbed the medicine, and came back down, she was snoring:
So for the next couple of hours, the Double B got seriously tossed and turned on. But it was okay, because he is so wonderfully him, plus he was in charge of picking the show. And we watched a lot of stuff about how bridges are made, and Siamese twins and stuff. I love that guy. 
Kate and I had another adventurous night, with several hours up in the middle of it, snuggling and miserable while watching Parks and Recreation. But I am happy to announce that this morning we are on the mend. Katelyn is still yucky but feeling much better, and fever free. She has even put in a request to go to Wal-Mart, ha ha. Glad we are keeping the dream alive! Liv was recovered enough to go to school but ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED that she had to do so. She cried, cried, and cried, all the way into the building. And KJ is pretty disappointed he didn't wake up with a fever himself... hoping to get a few days of luxury barfing and hacking and school freedom himself.
The Double B and I thankfully feel healthy and strong and are ready to resume the routine. Heaven help us!


Ducksoup said...

Oh rie, yikes! Does not sound fun! Poor kiddos. Poor you! Poor Ben! Do you have a king bed? I don't. But I want one. Think we could both use one. I just got kicked out cause Ryan was squished with brade and me in there. If I had a dollar for everytime my kids woke up at night, I could be a millionare

Ducksoup said...

And for some reason it wouldn't let me type anymore so let me finish. I hope you are catching up on some much needed sleep and no more cleaning up barf or pee. So rough! glad Ben was so helpful. Love you!

Elise said...

Eek... rough week?

I do not like having sick children. I feel for you. I'm not excited about entering into the cold/flu/nasty season. I'm sorry that it seems to have arrived prematurely at your house. :(