Monday, October 28, 2013

Primary Program

Yesterday was the Primary Program at church. Oh, boy! That is actually surprisingly scary when you are in charge of the primary. I honestly thought I was going to have a stroke sitting there as sacrament meeting started. We'd been rushing to set up all morning and still weren't where we would like to be, and I sat down very, very, very anxious. It was interesting. Last year I was super nervous as primary chorister because I loved those kids and we'd worked so hard on those songs -- I wanted them to succeed! This year was a different ballgame. I will again refer to the stroke that was narrowly avoided. Finally I was able to muster enough faith to realize the Lord would definitely not let his little children down, they had put in the work, we had put in the work, He would not let them fail. And it went fine. It was not a magnum opus, but it was solid. And for having 130 kids squeezed up on that stage, each giving their own little part, I felt good about it. My favorite? One of our little 7-year-olds stood up and said "Reading our scriptures together makes our family stranger." Meaning stronger, of course, but stranger came out. She immediately realized and gasped, her hands at her mouth. It was SO CUTE. That is what the primary program is all about, man! It gave me a serious case of the giggles. It was just so classic. After church one of the high priests told me "Well, it's true. We are a peculiar people, so it does make us stranger, I guess." ha!
So glad it's over and that it went well. HUGE load off the shoulders! People are so kind and encouraging, too. People are good. I love them. We had a little party afterwards during sharing time, with church movies, popcorn, candy, snuggled on the floor. The kids LOVED it. It was fun. Love those crazy kids! Honestly. I truly, truly love my calling. And here is the cutest thing:
The CTR 4 class made this "bouquet" for me. Their teacher had asked me to come up with ways I had served my family when I was 5 so she could share it in her lesson. It was fun to think way, way back to ways I had felt I had served... helping my grandma at the store, singing, playing with my little brother, helping my Dad build things... I thought I was doing all that and more! But I was, in my own way, just like they are doing all they can, too. So she taught them the lesson and asked me to come in at the end. They were waiting with little "flowers" for me! They each drew a picture of themselves with me -- honestly, how can you stand it!? It's just the very sweetest thing. I got big hugs and they told me everything they'd learned about me -- and they remembered every word! It made me feel so good that they would think of me, and every single second worth it times one million. This calling is going to be hard to top.
Of course, I think that about all my callings. But still. This one is a joy.
Especially now that the primary program is over!
This is Katelyn after church:
Right? That was the general feeling in the house. "I'm so tired I could fall sleep on shoes." She's just the only one dedicated enough to do it.
It was a big, stressful week last week -- for pretty much my whole family. There is so much truth to the saying that when it rains, it pours. I am so glad to put it behind us and take a big, cleansing breath. Phew! On to bigger and better things. On to leaving last week behind, at least!!!
Hope you are all well. You are loved!

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