Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daddy's In Yoota

My sweetie pie is in the great land of Utah for a few days. He flew out yesterday after work and by all accounts is having the time of his life! I am so glad. So far I know he and his Dad have gone on a helicopter flight (flown by my brother Nick)! Can't wait to hear about that, I know that Dad B LOVED it. And that he and his parents had dinner tonight with my parents and siblings. Lots of quality time with his Mom and Dad, hanging out with his sister, which I am so happy about. I love his parents. I honor the wonderful, good people they are. As his Dad gets older and his health slips little by little, I get more nervous. I want my husband to have the time he needs with his father. So I am so happy they are together now.
Just me and the computer, keeping each other company.
Somehow the kids missed the memo that Daddy was heading off for a few days. Not sure how, they are really good eaves-droppers -- like any self-respecting kids -- but mostly I just can't believe that we failed to mention it to them. When I picked them up from school and told them we needed to hurry so that we could get Daddy to the airport, they were shocked! They weren't too happy about it on the way there, but when Dad climbed out and reached into the back seat to give them each a kiss, things started to go downhill fast. By the time he'd walked through the doors of the airport, Kate was fussing, Liv had big watery eyes, and KJ's head was in his hands. Before I could assure them all would be well, a few sobs slipped out of KJ. Liv said "He's just fake crying," which was very insulting. KJ burst out with "I AM NOT!" And then started sobbing in earnest. This was all Olivia needed to really lose it -- if Brother is that sad, there is obviously something to be sad about! Then, naturally, when Liv lost it, Katelyn entered ballistics as well. It was so sudden and so massive that I had no choice but to laugh! It totally did tear me up, though, it was the saddest thing ever! Naturally, the only thing to do before pulling out of the no parking zone was to take a picture:
I know. Soul destroying! Proof that Daddy is very, very loved. It was a solid ten minutes before they would calm down even a little bit, but then Katelyn started absolutely keening for "Grandmmmmaaaa!!!! Grandpppppaaaaaa!!!!" At that point, I had to put my foot down before I totally lost it, too! I made each of them pick a primary song and we just sang the rest of the way home -- with a small detour for the dollar cone at McDonald's. I mean, let's face it. It was a crisis.
They were so absolutely turbulent in their crying I had to ask them if they were afraid -- they said no, just so sad. I think a lot of it is related to the move. Last year at this time, Daddy was in Kansas City and we had no idea when we would be with him again. It took almost two months, and everything was topsy turvy while we were apart. Since then, they have never spent a night away from him. I think that is where a lot of this comes in. Liv made up a lullaby to sing to KJ. It said something along the lines of "It's okay, Daddy will come home. Nothing will happen to him. He will be safe because we will pray for him every second. Daddy will come home."
Pretty tragic.
We are nothing if not dramatic around these parts!
Thankfully some friends had invited us out to family night at Planet Sub, and since several ward members were there, there was plenty to distract us.
Liv wrote this letter for her Dad before bed and asked me to take a picture and send it to him:
I love it. It says:
Dear Daddy, I hope you are having a great time at Utah (Yoota)! I love you and miss you!
The plane says "Oh happy day!" The picture is her and her Daddy together again, and she is saying "Yay!"
Pretty tender girl.


Elise said...

Hey stranger! Remember me?!

That picture is probably one of the sweetest, heartbreaking-est things I've seen in a long time. Sweet children you have. ;)

Ducksoup said...

Too funny rie! Glad you held it all together.